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Careers –

CCN is a different news platform where we focus on highly self-motivated individuals that are eager to improve their skills and output as digital journalists and editors. CCN does not have offices around the world, which minimizes the fixed costs. This allows us to spend money on what matters, our team, and our human capital.

Numbers and stats drive CCN. It is highly competitive, and only a handful of writers get through the first month at CCN. While it is hard, it is also rewarding for the writers and editors that can thrive working for CCN. We reward journalists with a hefty bonus for each article that drives traffic to CCN.

At CCN, we have a flat hierarchy where we all communicate on Slack. The possibilities for journalists on CCN are endless. We adjust your PPW according to your performance. The more you perform, the higher you are paid per word &, the higher your bonuses will be.

Writers on CCN will learn how to drive traffic, how to write for the digital age, how to engage readers. Longterm writers got access to our Google Analytics and can follow real-time traffic of their stories.

At CCN, you can get a full-time position, part-time position, and you can be promoted to become a full-time editor if it is a fit.

If you perform, you’ll be rewarded.

Our highest paid journalists earn anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000 per month. This is expected to increase in the years to come.

CCN is currently seeking US/Europe based journalists to cover US financial markets and US economic/political news.

We are looking for:

  • Full-time editors
  • Full-time journalists
  • Part-time journalists

Our ideal candidates must:

    • Have extensive knowledge of US Stock Markets, ETFs, Bonds, Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, and more
    • Have a broad understanding of publishing content online (WordPress, SEO) as a professional writer well-versed in the English language
    • Have the drive to pitch and suggest interesting, relevant topics for coverage on CCN, before submitting them
    • Have the insight to look for news stories from around the world to fuel 24-hour coverage of the news cycle
    • Be open to attending industry events and conferences locally, when necessary
    • Be willing to quickly learn the ropes in a small but rapidly-growing team
    • Be willing to produce 3-5 articles/day as a minimum (for a full-time contributor)
    • Or be willing to produce 5+ articles/week (for a part-time contributor)

Please submit your cover letter and a CV with your age and address, and attach at least two samples that demonstrate your proficiency.

Also, do include your salary requirements for this position and send it to

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