In Watch Dogs Legion, Even the Bankers Have Gone ‘Full Crypto’

In Watch Dogs Legion, Even the Bankers Have Gone ‘Full Crypto’

By CCN Markets: We already knew that cryptocurrency would play a central role in the economy of Watch Dogs Legion. Now we know that even the bankers have gone “full crypto.”

The new Watch Dogs Legion trailer from Gamescom 2019 teased new details about the game’s “play as anyone” feature. This novel mechanic lets players can recruit all kinds of people, from heavy drinkers to elderly grandmothers, and utilize their unique skill-sets.

Earn & Spend Crypto in Watch Dogs Legion

One of these characters, Erik Mölloer, is an “investment banker.” By recruiting him to the team, players earn a 10% cryptocurrency bonus.

Even the bankers have gone full crypto. | Source: Ubisoft/YouTube

What prompted this radical economic shift? In Watch Dogs Legion’s version of London, the pound has fallen and been replaced by “crypto,” a currency that provides accountability and transparency, to make transactions.

Aside from that, details on the cryptocurrency remain scant.

Ubisoft Teases Wacky Gameplay

But if you think playing as a crypto-loving banker is bizarre, just look at some of the other characters in the trailer.

For example, there’s an elderly man who hasn’t been to the doctor in more than 25 years and dies randomly while you’re playing as him.

There’s also a man who takes less damage after drinking alcohol, along with a lawyer who is able to get other characters out of jail.

The possibilities are endless, but there’s one unifying theme that also informs the game’s decision to replace fiat currency with crypto: fighting back against centralized authority.

Watch Dogs Legion is scheduled for release on March 6, 2020.

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