That’s Not Bitcoin!’ Craig Wright Rebukes Anti-Government Crypto Bulls

That’s Not Bitcoin!’ Craig Wright Rebukes Anti-Government Crypto Bulls

By CCN Markets: There are few things Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash partisans agree on these days, but there’s still one activity that brings the two halves of crypto’s Great Schism together – bashing Craig Wright.

The controversial Wright claims to have invented Bitcoin, which he subsequently abandoned following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, only to abscond to a third project – Bitcoin SV – a year later.

Craig Wright Alleges Bitcoin Needs Government

Speaking on Wednesday during an interview with financial news outlet Cheddar, Wright provided both BTC and BCH proponents with some fresh fodder, alleging that cryptocurrency was never meant to be a store of value or the slightest bit anti-government – in fact, quite the opposite.

Wright said:

“The whole idea was about micropayments. It’s about a system that enables commercial internet use. It enables you to have rapid-fast settlement, secure systems, many other things. It was never a store of gold.”

That’s an argument that Bitcoin Cash backers will readily get behind – ensuring crypto becomes “electronic cash” was the primary driver of the 2017 BCH hard fork. However, this next remark promises to trigger a deluge of backlash from both sides of the fork.

“The other camp – the cypherpunks and whatever else – they’re the guys who want this to be something else. They want it to be a store of value. They want it to be outside government. That’s not Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn’t work outside government.

Need proof? Just consider that Roger Ver, perhaps the chief evangelist of Bitcoin Cash, responded to President Donald Trump’s attack on cryptocurrency by taunting him with the knowledge that users can buy and sell BCH anonymously.

Ver, incidentally, has lambasted Craig Wright as a “fraud.” Wright responded by suing the owner for libel.

Crypto Twitter Suffers Meltdown

Wright’s interview incited the expected rage on Crypto Twitter, but notably, the brunt of the firestorm wasn’t directed at Craig Wright – but rather at Cheddar for having the audacity to let him speak at all.

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