Amazonas Florestal Published Historic Quarterly Results Posting Record-Breaking Financial Reports

Miami, FL – (NewMediaWire) – October 25, 2021 – Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (OTC:AZFL) announced last week on October 18th that the Company published its 3rd quarter financial reports and OTC disclosures—reporting consolidated revenues of $4.885 Million and over $500k in gross income; the highest reported revenue and gross profit figures in company history. 


AZFL’s latest acquisitions Gamma Engineering and Innova Consulting Group demonstrated solid growth potential and effective business models in their transition towards the rapidly emerging cannabis industry in Colombia. Innova alone has projected positive revenues from operations of more than $8 Million for its fiscal year 2021.


CFO Carlos Martínez stated: “These are the highest year to date revenues comparatively ever reported by Amazonas Florestal for any trimester in the recorded history of this issuer. Management is doing outstanding work in establishing the company’s presence in the rapidly growing Latin American Hemp and Medical Marijuana consumer markets, catering to the requirements of more than 1,800 licensees that operate in Colombia. Our subsidiaries Innova and Gamma are achieving excellent results and growth rates through the professional services that they provide to the Colombian growers and to the other strategic alliances and partnerships that are currently being developed and adjoined to these efforts. The organization of these subsidiaries abroad and the modern lab facility well underway in South Florida are becoming the ignition switch that will take AZFL to fulfill the profitable business combinations it had strived to accomplish for many years.”


Gamma Engineers & Consultants ( headquartered in Cali, Colombia is AZFL’s engineering and design branch that is specialized in the field of design and construction of cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. Their fully integrated design team gives Amazonas a competitive edge in the field of greenhouse and indoor grow planning and construction. In addition, their services include structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and interior design of all types of cannabis businesses and are now designing portable dispensaries for growers that can to set up sales operations in malls and service stations. 


Innova Consulting Group ( offers software solutions and general Information Technology (IT) services to licensed Hemp and Marijuana companies. Innova provides services ranging from app design, strategic planning and manufacturing, to innovative inventory software solutions. Innova is a key component to Amazonas Florestal’s vision of its future in the industry. 


Amazonas Florestal CEO Ricardo Cortez expressed: “Innova Consulting is becoming a powerhouse. Just in the last few months, this division now owned entirely by Amazonas Florestal has contributed more than a fair share of ideas, projects, business proposals—and of course—revenues and profits that have exceeded our expectations. We will continue to work together with Innova to implement their technological solutions and use them in the projects that we are now developing in various parts of the world. The sky is the limit for this team.”


AZFL also informed its shareholders last week of having completed the acquisition of 51% of Colombia Dreams Marijuana (CDM). The partnership became official on October 21st. CDM, a Colombian company based out of Ciénaga, Magdalena, is a fully licensed grower and manufacturer of High-CBD and Medical Marijuana products dedicated to the research and development of its own hybrid cannabis plant genetics. Their proprietary genetics, specifically several strains that have tested among the best in Colombia, gives CDM a significant edge over its competitors in Colombia, where AZFL has established a strong presence in the industry. CDM owns two separate production facilities in Guamo, Tolima and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Finally, AZFL announced last week that its subsidiary Green America Laboratories completed submission of its environmental protection plan to the local county Department of Environmental Resources Management. CEO Ricardo Cortez further stated: “Our development team has worked restlessly on the design, review and presentation of these plans. We are making great progress in meeting building and zoning requirements and are excited to start the construction of our state-of-the-art laboratory facility in the coming months. It is important that we fully comply with all safety, environmental and building codes before we begin construction, and our team is working diligently on every detail. This dream project is rapidly becoming a reality and will help us complete the alignment of every business component and marketing goal that we had established for this division.”


Green America Laboratories (GAL) is set to become the largest hemp oil extraction facility in Miami, with equipment capable of producing over 220 liters per day of the purest CBD T-Free distillates and isolates and of the highest quality available anywhere.


About Amazonas Florestal Ltd. 


Amazonas Florestal, Ltd.—headquartered in Miami, FL—is a natural resources company dedicated to the research and development of innovative projects to process Industrial Hemp in legal cannabinoid concentrations into High CBD, THC-Free and Delta-8 products. The company also promotes the sustainable management of large tracts of land in the rainforest state of Amazonas, in Brazil, and projects the certification and sale of carbon credits registered from the preservation of rainforest properties. In 2017, the company shifted gears to focus on the growing, harvesting, research and development of Industrial Hemp and related products in the U.S.A. for both domestic and international markets. In 2021, the company is building an important hemp-derived extraction facility in Miami, FL dedicated to the production of premium bulk T-Free concentrates. Amazonas Florestal’s goal is to become a leader in the field of cannabinoid extractions, serving labs that use these distillates as raw material for human and animal health/wellness products.


Disclaimer: Forward Looking Statements


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