AppSwarm Provides Updates on NFT Projects Doge Space Army and Bored Alien Yacht Club

Tulsa, OK – (NewMediaWire) – January 14, 2022 – AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, provides project outline for its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces.

NFT Madness

Developed off the Polygon network, NFT Madness will be focused on developing and co-marketing NFT access passes and metaverse projects, with a particular focus on Play2Earn gaming where players can earn NFT rewards while playing specific games.

One project under development for launch is Bored Alien Yacht Club, which will take place in the fictional Solar System Z, on Planet Argon, and consists of a collection of aliens, humans, robots, and space pets.

The Bored Alien Yacht Club project will eventually lead to metaverse opportunities where users can purchase real estate and other assets to build their own communities in space using NFTs bought through the platform.

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NFT DogeHub

Developed off the Binance Smartchain, NFT DogeHub will focus on developing a gateway for Dogecoin users to interact with NFT and metaverse projects.

One project being developed for Q1 is Doge Space Army, which will consist of a community of Doge Space Warriors focused on colonizing the Moon, and eventually Mars.

United in their fight for justice, these band of space warriors will set out to establish their Doge One Moon base to fight, and defeat, the evil Ethereum Empire, and their desire to dominate the solar system with high gas fees, and slow transaction hash rates.

Initially we will be offering simple ‘enlistment’ NFT’s that will verify a user as a founding member of the Doge Space Academy and provide these initial holders lifetime perks such as team patches, discounts, and access to future NFT gaming Airdrops.

Following this, we will look to release a collection of space pirates, moon pets, aerial space vehicles, and eventually a Doge powered metaverse where users will be able to purchase real estate and other meta-assets using Dogecoin.

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Use of Proceeds

The company will also provide project roadmaps for each platform outlining such things as use of proceeds on NFT sales for funding new projects, expanding crypto mining capacity, and general operations.

Some of these new projects will involve development of our own metaverse games, cloud infrastructure for virtual reality, and expansion of real-life space technology projects.

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