APT Systems Announces Verifundr Platform Has Completed Important Phase

San Francisco. CA – (NewMediaWire) – February 08, 2022 – APT Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: APTY), a software development and fintech company, announced it has completed designs and the implementation process of its User Interface/User Experience for Verifundr, the Company’s escrow application. The interface and graphics were developed specifically to support Verifundr use across global markets. These milestones are completed in preparation for the upcoming release of its Spera stablecoin.


“Developing a concise, clean, and easy to use interface is mission critical for any application, and more so when developing for global markets as we are doing for the Verifundr escrow platform,” says Glenda Dowie, Founder and CEO of APT Systems, Inc. “We are building Verifundr in parallel with Spera, because our escrow wallet must function in both crypto and traditional financial worlds.”


Dowie notes that Spera stablecoin removes market volatility for users as the company guarantees that one Spera can always be converted to $1 based on cash and gold reserves held by the company. APT Systems notes development of the Spera stablecoin has already been completed. The Company has successfully created a Spera pre-sale whitelist while awaiting completion of its intensive third-party security audit.


“As we enter finals stages for the release of Spera, we are devoting additional development time towards Verifundr, as the two products are designed to work seamlessly together,” Dowie says. “We view our work as preparing for a moon launch, meaning you want all of the pieces in place before the ignition button is pushed.”


Dowie notes that the timing of the Spera release comes at a pivotal point when governments and major market players are recognizing the value of stablecoins in transactions as well as in the world of Decentralized Finance. The increasing momentum of the stablecoin movement is underscored by growing coverage of stablecoins by national media, including an article published recently in Forbes magazine, headlined “Stablecoin Friendly Policies Can Help Make 2022 A Breakout Year for The Sector.”

About APTY – APT Systems Inc:

APTY is a software development and fintech company, focusing on our Verifundr escrow and payment services supported with a stablecoin named Spera.

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