Author Preuss Boards Claxson Media’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Series Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime Adaptation

Claxson Media Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roberto Vivo, Proudly Announces

Beverly Hills, CA – (NewMediaWire) – September 29, 2021 – Claxson Media Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roberto Vivo, confirmed earlier today that Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime author and science writer, Paul Preuss, has agreed to join the book-to-screen adaptation as a consultant for the planned upcoming television series based on Preuss’ and the late Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi novel series of the same name. Paul Preuss’ consulting deal was negotiated by Preuss and iBooks’ John T. Colby, Jr. along with agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners (CMP) of Beverly Hills, CA, who additionally represents Dwayne Hill, David Cormican, Brick Tower Press, J. Boylston & Company Publishers, Claxson Interactive and Claxson Lifestyle Holdings LLC.


Claxson Media, who previously announced the acquisition of the rights to the book series from publisher iBooks, an imprint of J. Boylston & Company, Publishers, recently hired the Emmy-nominated team of Dwayne Hill & David Cormican, co-creators, executive producers and writers on the highly acclaimed Netflix family-drama series Northern Rescue (which came from Cormican’s partnership with Don Carmody and their joint prod co, DCTV), to adapt the novels into a pilot script for television and streaming platforms.

“Bringing Paul (Preuss) on board the screen-based adaptation of the Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime novels brings a level of nuanced authenticity and access to the science and tech blended with the world and scenarios that have been re-imagined by Hill and Cormican as they develop the material,” says Roberto Vivo, Claxson Media Chairman and CEO. “He (Preuss), has also been an invaluable asset as the remaining link to the legend himself, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who provided the original blessing and collaboration all those years ago for his works to be woven together.”

Preuss built his career as a documentary filmmaker, science writer, and author of near-future science fiction using science in many channels, from scholastic films on the ecosystem and biology (“The Tragedy of the Commons”), to digital media focused on particle physics and cosmology (“The Master of Light”), and other films while a writer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He has worked as a consultant on projects ranging from PBS documentaries (Being Human) to features by American Zoetrope and Colossal Pictures (Starfire). 

“As soon as I saw David (Cormican) and Dwayne (Hill)’s TV mastery and their early pages adapting the material, I was excited to work with them as a consultant on Venus Prime,” Preuss says. “My collaboration with Sir Arthur Clarke has given me a deep understanding of how he based riveting stories of human struggle on predicaments arising from scientific fact, and I hope to contribute that same gift of Arthur’s in the series (adaptation).”  

The Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime series written by Preuss was originally published between 1987 and 1991 by Byron Preiss. The story for the novels was adapted from six short stories written by the late science-fiction author and Academy-Award® nominated screenwriter, Sir Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey). The selection and ordering of the short stories within the Venus Prime series of novels was performed by Preuss.

The Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime novels were recently reissued with new cover artwork in June of this year as a new edition publication of all six books by iBooks, nearly 35 years since the original publication of Breaking Strain, the first novel in the Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime franchise, and 70 years after the publication of Sir Clarke’s short story of the same name that inspired Preuss’ novels. 

Preuss’ consulting deal was negotiated by Preuss and iBooks’ John T. Colby, Jr. along with agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners (CMP) of Beverly Hills, CA.


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