BioAdaptives’ LungFlute Marketing Agreement and New Product

Las Vegas, NV – (NewMediaWire) – December 15, 2021 – BioAdaptives, Inc. (OTCMkts: BDPT) announced that it has entered into a Marketing Agreement with Acoustic Innovations LLC, the developer of the LungFlute™ OscPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) medical device.  The LungFlute™ is an FDA-cleared medical device, with proven health benefits related to improved lung hygiene and function, as well as the facilitation of pulmonary disease diagnosis.  The parties’ Agreement provides BioAdaptives with marketing rights for the LungFlute™ in the US and Canada as well as other countries where the device is registered and approved for sale.  Currently, the LungFlute™ is supported by multiple clinical studies and is approved for sale in China, Australia, the EU, and most of Asia.  


The patented LungFlute™ creates low frequency acoustic energy that loosens sticky mucus secretions and stimulates the ciliary system to safely get rid of germs and other harmful substances trapped deep within the lungs.  

Edward Jacobs M.D., CEO of BioAdaptives, Inc., states, “The LungFlute is regarded as an OscPEP device and is easy and safe for children and adults to use.  Because of its proven diagnostic value to increase the production of critical sputum specimens, the LungFlute™ is positioned to play a central role in a major, $800,000, tuberculosis (TB) trial in Africa.  We anticipate that the LungFlute™ will make a major contribution to the success of this trial by significantly increasing the number of TB cases identified for treatment.

“BioAdaptives intends to market the LungFlute™ device, redesignated as the LungCleanser™, along with its advanced anti-viral, anti-inflammatory PrimiLungs™ natural supplement formula as part of a new LungArmor™ package. The routine use of this combination is designed to promote healthier, stronger lungs and effortless, powerful breathing by improving lung hygiene and boosting lung Immune Defense.”

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BioAdaptives, Inc. manufactures and distributes natural plant- and algal-based products that improve health and wellness for humans and animals, with an emphasis on optimizing pain relief, anti-viral activity and immune system defense; resistance to stress; endurance; recovery from injury, illness and exercise; and anti-aging properties.  The Company’s current dietary supplement formulations are carefully selected from the best world-wide sources and utilize proprietary methods of enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients.  The products for horses and dogs have also demonstrated increased general health, competitive performance enhancement, rejuvenation effects, and pain relief, as well as providing improvements in appearance.  Our current product line includes PrimiLungs™, PrimiCell® and PluriPain® for humans and Canine Regen®, Equine Regen® and Equine All-in-One™ for dogs and horses.  Additional human products, to be introduced soon, are designed to aid memory, cognition and focus; assist in sleep and fatigue reduction; and improve overall emotional and physical wellness.

BioAdaptives’ common shares trade in the OTC market under the symbol BDPT.  It has over 77,000 current shareholders.  None of the statements about the Company’s products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

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