BioLife Sciences Inc. (OTC Markets: BLFE) Announced Today That the Company is Launching a New Life Sciences Division

Henderson, Nevada – (NewMediaWire) – February 08, 2022 – BioLife
Sciences (OTCPK: BLFE) is pleased to announce the launching of a new life
sciences division, aimed at honing in on disruptive technology and solutions
with a focus on (but not limited to) antimicrobial supported pomology,
olericulture, floriculture and general plant sciences. This initiative is
anchored to BioLife’s recently announced Health Box LLC acquisition, which
focuses on orthomolecular medicine and natural health products.

The new life sciences division will
research, innovate, and intends to bring to market a variety of unique horticultural
and agricultural products and solutions. Antimicrobial elemental metals will be
innovatively incorporated into these unique disruptive breakthroughs. 

BioLife’s new COO, Nika Jaksic,
will work alongside staff applying her unique subject matter expertise towards
the fusion of orthomolecular sciences and antimicrobial metals towards
innovations in everyday horticultural and agriculture processes.

In order to pursue a competitive
edge in the market, BioLife Sciences has centered its attention on research and
development in order to successfully launch new innovative iterations of
everyday horticultural and agricultural tools and solutions. 

BioLife’s unique MFusion technology
infuses copper metal ions directly into every sub-bundle of material, resulting
in a superior and complete copper fusion, compared with standard copper-infused
products, which provide limited copper coverage throughout the material.
Standard copper infusion practices involve coating materials with copper ions,
which endows portions of the material with copper and its beneficial
properties. While coating materials with copper does provide some of the
benefits of copper, it is limited in its ability to provide full coverage on
the surfaces, resulting in potential portions of the material providing
little-to-no-benefit to the end user.

MFusion Technology expands on this
coating technology by infusing copper ions into every portion of the material,
resulting in full and complete coverage throughout.

“BioLife’s access to MFusion
technology is revolutionizing the way we can extract the benefits of copper
directly from the metal into materials,” Nika Jaksic, COO of BioLife Sciences
said. “But that is only scratching the surface for what this elemental
metal can do. Outside of its well-known antiviral and antibacterial properties
that can combat a variety of diseases, copper is also a vital micronutrient for
both plants and humans. Its presence ensures healthy development, disease
prevention and overall wellbeing.”

Gardening tools total global sales
are set to be valued at $6 Billion in 2021, with consistent and steady long
term projections predicted, according to insights by
Persistance Market Research
. The report estimates the market to
expand at 4.8% CAGR from 2021 to 2031. Constant demand for landscaping from the
commercial farming and agriculture, recreational center, public institution,
office and business space sectors is driving market expansion.

About BioLife Sciences Inc.

BioLife Sciences Inc. specializes
in moving innovative products from the lab or small-scale production into wider
market adoption. Its core business develops, licenses and distributes
antimicrobial products and disruptive technology. One of BioLife Sciences’ core
building block strategies is to develop, partner and assist innovative
companies with the commercialization of leading-edge technologies.


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