Celebrity Gambling Night to Raise Funds for the Museum


(NewMediaWire) – December 03, 2021 – Burbank, CA – Coming this Dec. 4 at 6 pm is Celebrity Gambling Night at the Museum. Such martial arts stars as Cynthia Rothrock, Don “the dragon” Wilson, Eric Lee, Emmy-nominated producer/director Art Camacho, Cecil Peoples and Donnie Williams will be the keynote celebs as they roll the dice to help raise funds for the Martial Arts History Museum in their effort to relocate to a larger facility.

As a result of California Governor Newsom’s orders, all museums who ordered closed for a year and a half. Although large museums had the resources to sustain the executive order, smaller museums were unable to pay the rent and folded up. Thankfully, as a result of private individual donations, the Martial Arts History Museum was able to weather through the pandemic and just recently re-opened. The Celebrity Gambling Night will help the museum to more forward.

“When people talking about different cultures and how we as a society can do better in recognizing their contributions, let’s not forget how museums can play a role in helping to bridge the gap of understanding. The Martial Arts History Museum is just that, creating an environment for the appreciation of Asian culture and history,” says museum president Michael Matsuda. “We are the only cultural facility in the city of Burbank. In short, we need the community to gather together and ensure the museum will be here for our children. Even if you can’t make gambling night, you can make a generous tax-deductible donation to the museum.”

Although Los Angeles and Orange county are flooded with museums, with the San Fernando Valley and Burbank, one can count the amount of museums on one hand. The Celebrity Gambling Night will help launch of the museum’s effort to not only sustain this pandemic, but to continue their effort to relocate to a larger location. A program that was in full swing until the Governor ordered all museums closed.

“We don’t get a lot of opportunities like this in life, to be part of something bigger than ourselves, to help establish a museum for others to learn about diverse cultures as it connects with Asian forms of martial arts. This is that opportunity,” concludes Matsuda.

The Celebrity Gambling Night begins at 6 pm at the museum. It is a pot luck so bring a dish for entrance. Gambling is in increments of $5 bills so bring change. Obviously, the museum can not award the winners with actual money since gambling is illegal, they will, however, provide a supplemental that is more than the amount of winning. The game they will be playing is called LCR.

The museum is located at 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506 or call them at (818) 478-1722. Donations can be made on their website at MAmuseum.com.