CHNC Announces a New Member of Its Board of Directors

Houston, TX – (NewMediaWire) – October 20, 2021 – China Infrastructure Construction Corp. (OTC: CHNC) (dba Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings) announces that Elizabeth Hernandez, a member of its board of directors and its Chief Operating Officer, has left the Company (July 28th, 2021) and is no longer serving in these capacities. The Company is not aware of her future plans.

Nevertheless, this position will not remain empty and has been filled with one of the team’s responsible architects of International Strategic Alliances. “We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming one of our very best as a member of our Board of Directors, Anne Marie Graham, Attorney at Law and CHNC’s Director of International Markets,” says Henry Levinski, CHNC’s Treasurer. 

Since her arrival at CHNC she has contributed to the Company her years of business acumen, as well as her experience as a corporate lawyer, developing partnerships with international academic institutions.

Previous to her new responsibilities, she was in charge of the well-known Cannabis World Journals magazine. Ms. Graham was instrumental in achieving successful alliances with ICESI University in Cali, as well as the negotiations with a variety of Latin American academic institutions to expand the reach of CHNC all over the world. As a result, she received the title of CLO.

As an attorney at law, she has made sure the company is at the top of the game in legal developments within the industry and has kept our audiences informed of the regulatory frameworks that are sometimes so hard to manage within this industry. Her vast background in public speaking, as attested with her numerous victories in contests such as the III Iberoamerican Tax Moot Court held by the University of Florida in Gainesville, made her a keen mediator in every new deal we have struck, and her legal background has given us the advantage in each contract we have drafted. The lion’s share of our growth as a company is due to her excellent management skills which turned our expanding ranks into a well-oiled machine.

“As one of the Directors of the company I have witnessed production and execution and now I am eager to fulfill my duties as a Member of the Board moving CHNC forward to higher profitability while continuing to expand our grasp in new and exciting markets,” states Anne Marie Graham.

We wish her the very best in this new professional turn in her career and having had the pleasure to work alongside her, we now are excited to see the great new lengths this company will reach with the help of her guidance in her new responsibilities.

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