CHNC Announces New Relationship with a Houston, Texas-based Professional PCAOB Accounting Firm

Houston, Texas – (NewMediaWire) – November 17, 2021 – China Infrastructure Construction Corp (OTC:CHNC): With no intention of litigating the past, we have cut ties with our previous PCAOB accounting firm with a full 1000% refund of all payments that were ever made to this company during our business relationship. In consequence, we have brought on a new Houston-based firm with an excellent reputation who promises to deliver the timely results our investors and we as a company expect.

With all things being equal, Vine Advisors/PWR CPA is determined to get us back on track. Whereby, we probably will receive our first ever PCAOB audited financials/accounting within the next 30 to 45 days.

“With our audit finalized, we have every intention to immediately submit our registration and name change hopefully before the end of 2021; we are looking forward to starting the first quarter of 2022 with a strong standing,” states Henry Levinski, CHNC’s Treasurer. With these processes completed, CHNC is ready to begin a new chapter in the company’s history in which its audited financial reports, products and services will be aligned with a company whose reputation is beyond reproach.

CHNC will try to continue to deliver on its promises, in which we stand behind two main principles: Creating quality products that respond to the needs of the market while operating under full transparency as a company.

In addition, as our company is driven by commitment, dedication and progress, our team works in synergy and the advances are spread evenly across our different divisions. With this, CHNC is also pleased to announce that our advertising campaign process is smooth sailing; our colleagues are expediting the upload of our digital content and products to the 32 platforms with which we have contracts/agreements, which are the world’s best positioned platforms in almost every continent.

For example, in Brazil we are uploading our content to Sympla, the country’s biggest platform for virtual events and educational courses; in Spain we’ve developed a relationship with Aprendum, a virtual educational platform with over 50.000 students, and Alugha, a German company that will allow us to reach new markets such as the Asian continent, Russia, and Europe. In Latin America, Teachlr, which has over 200.000 Spanish-speaking users; in the Middle East, Unihance, the biggest decentralized e-learning platform; and in the United States as well as Mexico and Canada, we are working with Amazon, Walmart and Barnes and Noble, the world’s leading eBook and audiobook marketplaces. More to the point, we are presently working on a relationship with Alibaba to be able to provide medical cannabis education in their Alibaba Educational Academy, for a total domination to the Asian markets.

As we slowly reach every corner in the world and conquer the global cannabis education market with a sustainable competitive advantage through the exposure to over 1 billion potential customers on a daily basis; we are also improving every aspect of our development process to match the exceptional quality of our products in order to dominate the market.

This coming year will be filled with expected additional revenue-generating centers designed to provide projected exposure and a booming financial growth to our company and our brand will continue to gain the lion’s share of the market. We are building a strong foundation for our shareholders to thrive upon while improving our internal processes and developing new content at an increasing pace that will provide the building blocks for an exceptional 2022 in an industry with a market value expected to reach $75 billion by 2025.

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