CHNC Continues to Position Itself as Colombia’s Quintessential Medical Cannabis Educator

Houston, Texas – (NewMediaWire) – November 22, 2021 – China Infrastructure Construction Corp (OTC: CHNC): CHNC’s Pharmacology University is thrilled to announce the further expansion of its educational alliances with a new partnership with Santa Marta’s Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in the heart of the Latin American cannabis industry, Colombia. We would also like to emphasize the extent that our academic opportunities have for students/professionals interested in the medical cannabis industry, providing better labor/competitive advantages in the Colombian Caribbean regions.

The team of Pharmacology University is finessing the final details necessary for this new business partnership to open the doors of our new hub in the city of Santa Marta, where different versions of the diploma courses are featured by CHNC and are enthralled on medical cannabis cultivation. The Diploma’s Curriculum will be offered to students from the Caribbean coast with 110 hours of synchronous virtual sessions as well as on-site practical classes.

CHNC has skillfully analyzed the profitability, viability, location and potential audience for our expansion operation; in Santa Marta, Colombia we certainly have promising features. This city has been a key geographical point for the development of many industries such as the banana plantations of Chiquita Brands, it was the gateway for the automobile industry in South America, it leads the way in customs logistics, among many other feats, and the cannabis industry is no exception to this rule.

The development of educational programs in the region addresses some of the needs for local, national, and international development of the industry, such as the training of personnel from the Caribbean, where knowledge is scarce but extremely important. These academic programs in places with as much potential as Santa Marta represent an important pedagogical, economic and cultural value. 

CHNC and Santa Marta’s Jorge Tadeo Lozano University have carefully designed this first international diploma course for 2022, including spotlight lecturers from different countries with different nationalities, expertise, experiences, and legal backgrounds, who have developed a career in several fields of the cannabis industry and are now leading experts. These speakers will share the proper and necessary knowledge on innovative topics and will guide students through practices that stimulate learning and consolidate our educational content. These projects continue to strengthen CHNC’s position as a leader in the medical cannabis educational market and will contribute to a highly profitable and successful 2022.

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