CHNC to Seek Up to $3 Million Funding for Expansion of Existing Product Lines and Development of New Cannabis-Derived Therapeutics

Houston, Texas – (NewMediaWire) – October 01, 2021 – China Infrastructure Construction Corp. (OTC: CHNC) (dba Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings), announced today that it is actively seeking strategic partners to invest up to $3 million in two or three tranches although there can be no assurance that any such investment can be obtained on acceptable terms, or at all. The company has been diligently working around the clock actively entertaining proposals from quality groups that will bring proprietary knowledge and expertise to support and accelerate its ongoing revenue streams and build new revenue-generating centers in the U.S. and internationally.

“Our first priority is to continue to solidify the foundation of our existing digital products and services such as our Cannabis World Journals, eBooks, educational videos, sleep center and clinical studies,” said Henry Levinski, CHNC´s Treasurer.  “We have set challenging goals in all of these areas and are determined to reach or exceed them; for example, we will continue to gain our proper share of the market by featuring our products in new languages such as Mandarin, French, German and Hindi.”

The company will continue to invest in its internal staff of associates, which has grown from approximately 20 to over 60 within the past year. “We are very proud of the team we have built, and we intend to continue to add value through our association of professionals all striving for our common goal of stability and growth,” said Anne Graham, CHNC’s Corporate Attorney and VP of Operations. “With this additional funding we have set a goal of building our staff to 250 by the third quarter of 2022.”

Furthermore, we will also use part of this funding to start research on the medical benefits of cannabis and the implication of cannabinoids on body homeostasis with a 18-months clinical trial on healthy individuals and patients with pathologies associated with endocannabinoid system disorders; this research aims to provide the scientific data required to establish cannabis as a safe and effective alternative in various diseases.

More importantly, we will move to establish a manufacturing facility for a number of medical, nutraceutical, and vitamin supplement products utilizing therapeutic derivatives of cannabis to assist patients suffering from diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and many more. We are committed to working within U.S. and international laws and will only develop and distribute our products and services accordingly.

Certainly, one of the characteristics of CHNC is innovation and we are convinced that investment focused on these areas will allow us to grow and continue to yield the investment-returns (ROI) experienced so far by our investors and much more. To learn more visit:

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