CHNC Ventures Into Latin American Country for Extension of Its Clinical Research Facilities

Houston, TX – (NewMediaWire) – October 25, 2021 – China Infrastructure Construction Corp. (OTC: CHNC) (dba Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings) announces the expansion of its clinical research services to Latin America with a new agreement/alliance with QUIASMO, an IPS medical clinic based in Bogotá, Colombia. 

“Not only has Alpha Research Institute expanded the services offered to Puerto Rico, but it is our pleasure to announce that we have also signed a contract with a clinic in Bogota, Colombia that will serve as an extension for Alpha in Latin America. QUIASMO is a medical clinic with a wide range of services that cover infectiology, family medicine, general medicine, nutrition, psychology, nursery and sample collection,” says Anne Graham, CHNC’s CLO.

The interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals of the clinic is led by Dr. John Jairo Carvajal, with a Master’s degree in HIV Management. As well, Dr. Carvajal possesses great knowledge in the integral comprehensive care of catastrophic pathologies. His expertise, alongside the technology and equipment available, allows this health clinical center to properly adapt to the design and structure of many investigation projects.

This is a logical step for CHNC in the right direction. “In order for us to grow as a company, we need to continue to expand to International Markets and identify new areas where we can share our knowledge,” adds Dr. Deepika Deol, Alpha Research Institute Clinical Director.

CHNC expects to meet the needs of big pharmaceutical companies looking to perform clinical investigations in Latin American countries with this new medical attention center in Colombia. Expanding the grasp of our services into the Colombian market will allow us to provide its community with life-changing treatments and scientific development in a wide range of therapeutic areas. 

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