Dais Corporation’s Proprietary ConsERV(TM) Energy Recovery Ventilation(TM) Product Chosen to be Part of a Multi-Million-Dollar High School Renovation in Tampa, FL

The project is a template for
healthy, energy efficient HVAC upgrades for educational facilities occurring
across the US having an addressable market in excess of $50 billion.

Odessa, FL – (NewMediaWire) – December 30, 2021 – Dais
Corporation (DYLT: OTC.PK), in collaboration with the HVAC professionals of
Carroll Air Systems will provide nineteen ConsERV™ energy recovery ventilation
systems as part of a multi-million-dollar facility upgrade program for Freedom
High School in Tampa, FL. Carroll Air is a valued marketing partner of Dais,
and is a full service, multi-line independent manufacturer’s agency serving
central Florida since 1972.

Dais’ proprietary ConsERV™
ventilation system is enabled by Aqualyte™, a patented advanced nanopolymer
proven in over 20 years of worldwide use to best manage temperature and humidity
while ensuring optimum Indoor Air Quality.

Upon completion in 2022, ConsERV™
will increase the amount and quality of the school’s ventilation air  and
result in a dramatic energy and emissions savings projected to eliminate 340
metric tons of CO2 emissions annually along with pandemic protection, reduced
triggers for Asthma and allergies as well as improving student productivity.

“The design of the ventilation
system for the Freedom High School project is leading edge.  The Aqualyte
advanced nanomaterial is technology no other ERV manufacturers has,” said Jacob
Biggs, Director of Sales and Marketing at Dais. “This project is a template for
other educational facilities across North America.”

On completion in 2022, the
school’s educators and students will enjoy unparalleled air quality that leads
to demonstrated improvements in cognitive and testing skills, while ConsERV™
provides environmental, financial and health benefits.

“We are proud of the
features of ConsERV™ systems and especially Aqualyte™ which is the advanced
nanomaterial enabling our product line,” said Mr. Biggs.

“There are approximately 160,000
schools nationwide, and the United States Congress appropriated nearly $750
billion for school upgrades in the last year,” said Tim Tangredi, CEO of Dais

Over twenty years of worldwide
field use, and third party testing validates that ConsERV™ lowers CO2
emissions, costs less to run, reduces or eliminates viral and bacterial damage,
lowers triggers for Asthma and allergies, improves student productivity, and
best manages a facility’s Indoor Air Quality.

“We believe our product will
garner a significant market share of these school upgrades over the coming
years. The Company believes the total addressable market for ConsERV™ energy
recovery ventilation in this program is potentially greater than $50 billion
dollars,” said Tangredi.

About Dais Corporation

Dais Corporation is a
nanotechnology business producing a versatile platform of nanotechnology
membrane materials (called Aqualyte™) addressing evolutionary and disruptive
air, energy, and water applications. These proven products are characterized by
offering Climate Change emission and energy reductions, longer lifetimes, and competitive
pricing in the HVAC, Water, and Energy industries. Current commercial revenues
come from selling:

·       Advanced
Aqualyte™ nanomaterials to a wide range of OEMs wishing to create new or
highly differentiated products which embrace the moisture management features
of the product.

·       ConsERV™,
a commercially available HVAC engineered energy recovery ventilation system
that uses energy in exhaust air to precondition the temperature and moisture
content of incoming fresh air.  ConsERV™ typically saves energy, reduces
CO2 emissions, and allows the overall HVAC system to be safely downsized.
ConsERV™ introduces fresh ventilation air, resulting in higher productivity and
sharper decision-making skills of building occupants, lowers triggers for allergies
and asthma, and offers strong protection against key pathogens, including
COVID-19 and most aggressive forms of bacteria. 

The Company envisions advances
in the following products using its technologies to join Dais’ current
commercial offerings: 

·       A
revolutionary approach to cooling towers and evaporative condensers useful in
HVAC and power generation which prevents the release of dangerous microbes,
such as Legionella, and opening new markets for reduced-maintenance evaporative
cooling systems.

·       An
Industrial Wastewater treatment process for contaminated industrial wastewater
and creating ultra-pure potable water. These systems will
have efficiencies at equal or reduced capital and operating costs than
other technologies.

·       A
consumer and commercial product which extends the shelf-life of a wide range of
foods, fruits, vegetables, meats, and other organics. This extension results in
reduced spoilage creating economic savings and lowering the key driver of
Climate Change (CO2)

The proven benefits of these
products support the Company’s claims of using Aqualyte™ in products leads to
evolutionary or industry product changes resulting in (to list a few) financial
savings, reductions in CO2 emissions, and improved functionality and lifetime
of products.  

Each use of the Aqualyte™
platform of nanostructured polymers and engineered processes focuses on
minimizing consumption of irreplaceable natural resources and ending the
degradation of our environment. To learn more, please visit www.daisanalytic.com.

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