Digitalage: The Dark Horse to Watch.

TEMECULA, CA – (NewMediaWire) – March 8, 2022 – Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) As it seems new social apps are launching every day to micro-audiences, there is one to start tracking. This one is Digitalage. For Consumers, the app and platform appeals to Power Users and Casual Users, with something for everyone. Consumers will find their favorite music, podcasts, creators, influencers, news, and entertainment all in an ad-free environment. A one stop shop for creators to create, amplify and monetize their content, even when you are not in the top 2%.

Conceived as a journalistic and news platform with digital rights management, once the Facebook whistleblowers exposed serious flaws with social media, Digitalage developed a relevant and alternative platform strategy to tap that dissatisfaction and exodus. Based on reinventing the business model, empowering creators, and supporting free speech.

Unique features at launch will include the following:

Text to Speech – An emphasis on innovations in world’s first ADA compliant social media platform.

SocialSoundtrax™ – Adding music to your posts from a licensed library of over 30M songs with sync music rights. Accessing huge libraries of music for creators for ease of use when producing their work.

Portability of Content – Being able to export all your content from your other social channels and drop it in Digitalage, to re-organize, store, and amplify it.

CEO Peter Michaels states, “To facilitate more seamless migration and cross-pollination from other entrenched platforms much effort has been invested in the architecture, user experience, and feature-level parity to enable data portability with Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, Douyin, and Weibo. Social verification and data import are expected to be ready for all these platforms at time of launch.”

What’s Different?

Web2 was the “Creator Economy” built on Participatory Culture (2004). Digitalage’s business model is to share revenues with publishers, influencers, and contributors. Artists, creators, and publishers are not fairly compensated for their time and investment. Original content utilizing Web3 is a de-centralized “Creative Economy” built on Ownership Culture (2021). The ownership economy is about giving everyone ownership over the value that they create. Digitalage will use proprietary Blockchain DRM Fingerprinting across all distribution of licensed music, whether licensed, created, or re-distributed to other social platforms. This empowers creators and labels alike to further monetize and track their content. Influencers can secure their content that was previously posted and protect it from further abuse from big tech. They will stop Freebooting or stealing content and rebroadcasting their old content. 

CCO Curt Doty adds, “We want to empower creators and liberate musicians and artists all across this whole new economy we are creating. We are blending the line between the audience and the creator, creating micro-economies and richer ecosystems beyond just a one-dimensional monetization model. Think 3-dimensional chess.”

Peter Michaels added, “We believe no one actually understood how to take on Big tech who has controlled the narrative, the cash and the metrics for way too long. We want to build a transparent business, break the walls down and empower creators.”

Doty continues, “There are many ills to cure, but currently there is little accountability on sourcing, identifying, and clearing content for use in social. For every post, we are requiring authorship, copyright, sourcing, alt tagging and more to help the user understand where a post originated from. This will combat misinformation and copyright abuse.”

A recent flurry of activity shows an acceleration to the market. Digitalage has opened an office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Following the wave of Tech and Entertainment’s migration there, Digitalage will tap into the next wave of creative talent that is leaving the coasts and looking for what’s next. Netflix, Intel, NBC Universal, and Facebook have invested heavily in the state. Film production alone in New Mexico reached over $626 million in 2021 based on the latest reports from the New Mexico Film Office.

Doty states, “Austin might be the new tech hub replacing Silicon Valley, but Santa Fe is the new creative hub. Beyond a new focus on Indigenous filmmakers and stories, the beauty of New Mexico is a canvas, waiting to be painted by the next generation of storytellers. This makes it an ideal location. The right place. The right time. Working with our recruiter, we are interviewing talent from all over the country as we build our creative team.”

Watch this space.

About Digitalage:

The mission behind Digitalage is to lead the social media industry through combatting content piracy and empowering publishers, influencers, and contributors. Digitalage is revolutionizing the creator economy and will empower users to connect, upload and share content while compensating rights holders through utilizing decentralized Web3 blockchain technologies. 

About Hop-on

Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) is a US-based international leader in the development and manufacture of electronics, distributed software, and telecommunications hardware and services, capitalizing on its secured essential license agreements for mobile and computing technologies. Since 1993, the Company has a proven record of innovation and market development. From developing the world’s first CDMA disposable cell phone to the upcoming Digitalage decentralized social media platform. The Company works closely with inventors and patent holders to bring the latest technologies to demanding markets.

Peter Michaels, CEO


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