GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS:GTOR) Announces Management Report for the Week Ended February 12, 2022

Gamelevate and GGToor Forge Partnership Agreement

Thomasville, Georgia – (NewMediaWire) – February 14, 2022 – GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS:GTOR) (“GGTOOR, Inc.”, “GTOR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the eSports markets, announces the Company has forged a partnership agreement with Gamelevate. Gamelevate is a global media company that brings the latest eSports news and gaming updates. As part of the partnership agreement, GGToor will create several pages for future tournaments in games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, CSGO, Valorant, Dota2, and Overwatch, where Gamelevate will be the sponsor. Gamelevate will create a Feature Story about GGToor and various Press Releases to be posted on their social media channels.

Luis A. Arce, President of Shadow Gaming, said, “Our partnership with Gamelevate marks a milestone for GGToor. GGToor tremendous growth is being recognized by international powerhouses like Gamelevate. Our partnership will assist GGToor to continue its international expansion at a considerably accelerated pace. When we see what is happening in the industry, we know GGToor is at the right place at the right time, and what we have accomplished in less than two years is extremely rewarding when we look at the ever-growing numbers!”

The Company is also proud to announce our newest advertising partner, MTGAcodes, who will be featured in the weeks ahead with our Magic: The Gathering tournaments!

New games are always being evaluated to join the portfolio of event titles GGToor offers. This month GGToor has already run its first event for both Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and Mobile Legends: BB, we have planned a test event with a new Tournament Organizer for Rocket League, and GGToor is expanding its search for qualified Tournament Organizers to help add some of the most popular games (including League of Legends and Valorant) to our calendar in the months ahead.

This weekend’s Pokemon TCG Online tournament with Chill TCG was the final major tournament before the release of the next expansion set, Brilliant Stars. Mew VMAX was still an extremely popular choice in the meta, with almost 20% of players piloting the archetype. However, the field was diverse, with dozens of different deck archetypes seeing play! Other favorites included decks such as Moltres, Jolteon, Gengar VMAX, and Rapid-Strike Urshifu, but it was Jolteon VMAX that came out on top with the highest win rate, sporting an impressive 57% win rate with 22 players piloting the archetype.

The biggest story of this month’s event was Brazil’s Vini Fernandez, who made an amazing run with a Stonjourner VMAX deck, a rogue deck choice that has seen little play in the last year; no one expected to see this deck make it to the Grand Finals! Vini’s gamble paid off, and he found himself rewarded when he faced off against his opponent was Chalo’s Jolteon VMAX – a 3 prize pokemon that could be KO’ed in one hit, due to its weakness to Stonjourner’s fighting type! In the final unexpected turn of events, Chalo managed to pull off an impressive upset with his Jolteon, finding a way to win despite Jolteon’s weakness to the Stonjourner, taking the match and earning the championship!

Our Minion Masters tournament featured the debut of the new season cards Siege Imperator Ruby and M0nitor Gn4ts. Everyone was excited to see how the new Mythic tank would feature in the games. There was a shock in the first round as PanadaFromCanada, a relatively new player, employed Ruby and edged out a win against reigning champion SeT, causing everyone in the tournament to realize that Seige Imperator Ruby was a serious new threat that needed strong consideration during the ban phase (or tech in the deck to help deal with it!)

Memfisto dominated the Swiss rounds, ending as the only undefeated player, closely followed by SeT and DeathShoott with only one loss each as the tournament entered the Top 8 playoffs. The first Quarter Final saw a rematch of PanadaFromCanada versus SeT, and this time Panada did not use Ruby; without it, SeT was able to secure a convincing 3-0 victory. Memfisto’s domination was promptly cut short by Nataraja, dragoN eliminated Westlin, and DeathShoott bested Destroy666. The Semi Finals saw dragoN edge out Nataraja in a close 3-2 match, taking the deciding game with a Casino Apep deck, while DeathShoott swept SeT 3-0 to punch his ticket to the Grand Finals against dragoN. In game 1, Deathshoott found himself lacking any good answers for dragoN’s Harbringer. Game two saw dragoN take a 2 – 0 lead with his R3-KT being too strong for Valorian, and he queued up his Casino Apep for game three where he out-valued Diona in the late game to secure the victory!

This week was the first big event in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links community using side decks that featured the success of Phantom Knights. 8 of the 14 PK players who entered the field made Top 32, surpassing the ever popular Tier 1 deck archetype, Magnets, in total representation! The deck went on to claim 3 Top 4 spots; this level of domination from a new deck has not been seen in a long time! However, the runner-up deck from our last Duel Links event came back vigorously for this event. The anti-meta Buster Blader was in for a treat, because not only were Gaia and Magnets still around for it to counter, but the new PK decks became another favorable matchup to expect often. Piloting his Buster Blader deck in Top Cut, FINISHER snacked on 3 PK players, including Yoshimitzu in the finals, to take home the top prize!

Despite widespread popularity across much of Asia, interest in Esports in the US is still relatively niche. As of April 2021, 59% of US respondents claimed they were “not a fan at all” of Esports. A further 20% of respondents claim to have never heard of it. The largest Esports tournament prize pools have been dominated by the International market. All five of the top Esports prize pools to date have come courtesy of annual international tournaments.

In 2019, there were an estimated 197 million Esports enthusiasts, along with a further 200.8 million occasional Esports viewers. In 2021, these figures grew to 234 million Esports enthusiasts and a further 240 million occasional Esports viewers. By 2024, the numbers are expected to reach 285.7 million Esports enthusiasts with an additional 291.6 million occasional viewers. Esports is a steadily growing industry across much of the world, but the US still lags behind Asia in terms of both interest and viewing figures. Having been negatively affected by the pandemic, the Esports industry looks set to continue its upward trajectory over the coming years. (Source: Exploding Topics2022)  

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