GZ6G Technologies Integrates Smart City and Smart Venue Cybersecurity Through Green Zebra Networks, as Cyber Attacks Run Rampant Nationwide

Las Vegas NV – (NewMediaWire) – December 08, 2021 – GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: GZIC) today announced an expanded offering for clients focused on cybersecurity leadership initiatives designed to protect smart city and smart venue network infrastructures and future IoT technologies from cyber breaches through enhanced services provided by in house networks division, Green Zebra Networks.

“We’re initiating enhanced cybersecurity solutions as part of our value proposition to protect against the new wave of attacks coming in from sensors and other smart systems, such as ventilation or surveillance. We will continue to strengthen cybersecurity applications as we grow and develop new alliances,” said Coleman Smith, CEO of GZ6G. “Our Networks team of engineers constantly monitor and test for vulnerabilities. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, so our networks team is critical to securing all of the networks flowing through smart cities, airports, or any other large venue.”

A cyber attack can cost millions, and many companies believe they won’t have to pay until it’s too late. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently reported that 49 organizations were preyed upon by one single hacker group to the tune of an estimated $43.9 million.1

Many organizations consider the financial costs of losing data or being forced into paying a ransom, but they often neglect to assess the added damage of downtime. 

“What if you’re a law firm with twenty lawyers that bill at three hundred dollars an hour. If you can’t access data, that’s six thousand dollars an hour in lost revenue,” emphasized Larry DeCair, Sr. Solutions Architect, Green Zebra Networks.

Adopting IoT technologies creates vulnerabilities in adding more sensors and devices to a network. In addition, the security of these devices is dependent on manufacturers providing firmware updates and for network administrators to keep up with them.

“We make cybersecurity seamless,” said DeCair. “We make sure clients don’t have any open ports to the Internet, that they have multi-factor authentication on their email, and that firmware and patches are consistently updated. That’s the foundation of our platform to protect against these sophisticated cyberattacks.”

1 Dobberstein, Laura. “Cuba ransomware gang scores almost $44m in ransom payments across 49 orgs, says Feds.” The Register, 6 Dec 2021

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GZ6G Technologies is focused on acquiring smart city solutions, developing innovative products, and overseeing smart cities and smart venues, and modernizing facilities and building operations with emerging 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Target markets include stadiums, airports, universities, and smart city projects.

GZ6G Technologies comprises four Divisions: Green Zebra Smart Labs: Software planning and development of applications integrated for enterprises, cities, stadiums, universities, commercial, and industrial technologies to optimize user engagement and streamline experiences. Solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics for historical data, operation forecasting, and predictive monetization strategies. Green Zebra Smart Networks: Integrated wireless and IT consulting and infrastructure management for enterprise and mid-size organizations. Green Zebra technical teams will also provide technical support, cybersecurity, and procurement of networking hardware and software for enterprise-level clients. Green Zebra Smart Data: Cloud, hybrid, and on-premise Storage and multilayer security of servers for cloud computing solutions and remote management systems for co-location and hosting options for venues, cities, and customers. Green Zebra Smart Media: full-service marketing and advertising agency for cities, stadiums, and large venues to utilize digital media across the Green Zebra media network. Media trafficking and media placement powered by Green Zebra Labs data analytics and software. Since 2017, GZ6G Technologies is the trusted, smart solutions provider for clients such as Governor’s Island, NY, and the city of New York and the city of West Des Moines, Iowa.

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