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Las Vegas, NV – (NewMediaWire) – December 14, 2021 – GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: GZIC) today announced new advancements to their proprietary product offering, FiBox Pro, developed by Green Zebra Labs. The FiBox Pro is a smart WiFi 6 gateway with a built-in captive portal that delivers fast and reliable bandwidth, firewall security, and data capturing to large venues like airports, cities, enterprises, stadiums, and universities.

“The FiBox Pro is a great option for customers, who need to integrate more IoT devices, and combines a gateway and captive portal in one,” said Coleman Smith, CEO of GZ6G Technologies. “This is a huge step to connecting the entire ecosystem—IPTV, Point-of-Sale, Ticketing, and any other smart solutions—so that venue executives and managers can access all of their smart solutions data and make more precise decisions for their operations.”
The FiBox Pro is pre-integrated with Green Zebra’s data cloud and backup management. The FiBox Pro accepts API integrations from a wide range of devices and IoT smart solutions, including point of sale, security, lighting, ventilation, parking, ticketing, and more. 
FiBox Pro Benefits:
  • All-in-one easy to set up
  • One dashboard to monitor all devices
  • Software integration for WiFi monetization and communications
  • Supported by future updates
FiBox Pro Features:
  • Connects up to 25k simultaneous Venue users
  • Daisy chain to connect 100k venue users or more
  • Built-in multifunctional user experience captive portal 
  • User and security data analytics
  • Localized Closed Loop venue networks
  • Cloud managed
  • Authenticate and control user access
  • Router and firewall
  • Hotspot controller
  • Extensive API integrations
  • WiFi 6 bandwidth control up to 2 Gbps/router
  • Customizable aesthetics to hide from view
  • Integrated with Green Zebra Cloud and Green Zebra Networks Cybersecurity
24/7 cybersecurity monitoring for the FiBox Pro is also available from the Green Zebra Networks team, who have deep knowledge of the device, its design, and the processes for securing the gateway and connected devices and IoT sensors. 
Cybersecurity continues to be top of mind for managers, as adding more IoT devices to a network creates new vulnerabilities, a lesson learned by one North American Casino that saw its high-roller database compromised by a fish tank thermometer.1
To secure every device on a network requires a new set of processes and diligence that many organizations will need to adopt or rely on the experts. “All of these devices need security patches to stay ahead of cyber threats, but they’ve also been known to cause problems,” said Larry DeCair, Sr. Solutions Architect. “We test security patches before we roll them out to customers. That’s one of the advantages of choosing the FiBox Pro and Green Zebra Networks to manage the security.”
The FiBox Pro wifi-6 Captive portal appliance is available for purchase from Green Zebra Networks and planned channel distribution in the near future through IT consulting and managed services value-added resellers.
1. Marks, Gene “A Casino Gets Hacked Through a Fish-Tank Thermometer,”, June 1, 2021 
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GZ6G Technologies is focused on acquiring smart city solutions, developing innovative products, and overseeing smart cities and smart venues, and modernizing facilities and building operations with emerging 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Target markets include stadiums, airports, universities, and smart city projects.
GZ6G Technologies comprises four departments: Green Zebra Smart Labs: Software planning and development of applications integrated for enterprises, cities, stadiums, universities, commercial, and industrial technologies to optimize user engagement and streamline experiences. Solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics for historical data, operation forecasting, and predictive monetization strategies. Green Zebra Smart Networks: Integrated wireless and IT consulting and infrastructure management for enterprise and mid-size organizations. Green Zebra technical teams will also provide technical support, cybersecurity, and procurement of networking hardware and software for enterprise-level clients. Green Zebra Smart Data: Cloud, hybrid, and on-premise Storage and multilayer security of servers for cloud computing solutions and remote management systems for co-location and hosting options for venues, cities, and customers. Green Zebra Smart Media: full-service marketing and advertising agency for cities, stadiums, and large venues to utilize digital media across the Green Zebra media network. Media trafficking and media placement powered by Green Zebra Labs data analytics and software. Since 2017, GZ6G Technologies is the trusted, smart solutions provider for clients such as Governor’s Island, NY, and the city of New York and the city of West Des Moines, Iowa.
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