One World Universe Releases Executive Board Meeting Notes Held January 29, 2022

Company Discussed Current and Future Business Endeavors and Road Map for 2022

Huntington Beach, CA – (NewMediaWire) – January 31, 2022 – One World Universe Inc. (OTC: OWUV), a publicly traded company that invests in sports related businesses, distressed assets, business opportunities within emerging industries such as the Metaverse, and providing humanitarian efforts in over 185 countries, held an executive board meeting on January 29, 2022, to discuss upcoming releases of new business ventures, future board hires, and the direction of current operations.


Topics of Discussion: 

One World Universe Inc. Vow to Shareholder Transparency

The One World Universe Inc. executive team unanimously agreed following Saturday’s meeting that an update to our valued shareholders was necessary as we vow to uphold our promise of shareholder transparency. Mr. Jerry Craig, CEO of One World Universe Inc. and J Craig Holding Corp., has two rules that all employees must adhere to within the company, “don’t ever lie and always have each other’s backs.” Those rules have been a key factor to One World Universe’s current successes and will remain as the foundation for all business ventures in the future. We sincerely appreciate the trust that has been given to One World Universe Inc. and will continue to earn more as the following business ventures come to fruition!

One World Universe Inc. Executive Meeting Summary

One World Universe Inc. is continuously looking to acquire, create, or assist businesses in order to achieve our mission of implementing global humanitarian efforts through the profits generated from the sales of products and services to improve people’s lives and communities. The beginning of 2022 has been extremely busy, and although our team has been hit with hardships such as medical procedures and COVID, we are happy to announce we have continued to grind throughout the month of January.

Homes for Vets

One World Universe Inc. is in the process of creating a philanthropic real estate business in Tampa, Florida. Each year, one remodeled home will be donated to a United States Veteran, specifically tailored to the Veteran’s physical and mental requirements. Additionally, we will be looking to aid homeless veterans and provide residences in a commune of tiny homes where a dedicated team will work with each veteran to assist with the development of their job resume and employment opportunities. This business is in its final stages of creation and hopes to be fully operational within the second quarter of 2022. One World Universe knows the sacrifices veterans have made for the United States and this business is the least we can do to give back.

Revenue Opportunity

One World Universe Inc. is establishing a real estate business in Houston, Texas. Houston has been and will remain one of the top real estate locations in the United States. As the influx of people and corporations continues to move towards Texas, One World Universe Inc. plans to capitalize on the growing demand for commercial and residential property. The creation of this business will provide a consistent revenue stream for One World Universe and its shareholders as properties are purchased, remodeled, and sold or rented for profits. Property, both physical and digital, has been and will continue to be a priority for us moving forward. 

Addition to One World Universe Inc. Board of Directors

One World Universe Inc. has been on the search for an addition to our board of directors and we are pleased to announce we have refined our search and are in talks with a retired Major General from the United States Army. The addition of a retired general officer to our board will give us more opportunities via military contracts, sector specific involvement, and a potential spinoff company. Once we have a signed agreement from our new Board of Directors, we will also launch a rare NFT collection in the retired Major General’s honor. The proceeds of this collection will go to a military non-profit foundation to assist in military and veteran aid.

One World Universe Inc. Metaverse and NFT

One World Universe Inc. is working with outside agencies, celebrities, athletes, and artists to promote the Sol Gorilla Gang, MVP Apes, One World Aliens Club, Caren Currier’s Hearts Project and future NFT collections as well as creating multiple rare 1 of 1 NFTs that will go for auction with real world application and potential meet and greet opportunities. More news to be released as agency and celebrity contracts are signed.

One World Universe Inc. Acquires Financial Audit Company

One World Universe Inc. has acquired a company that specializes in corporate financial audits and legal documentation filings. This company is a double-edged sword for One World Universe as it will allow us to have audited financials sooner than expected, propelling our uplisting goals, as well as increasing revenues from our subsidiary company, Dysfunctional Rehabilitation. More updates to come from this acquisition as updated financials and audits are in process.

One World Universe Share Update

One World Universe Inc. remains dedicated in keeping shareholder value within our stock. That being said, we want to reiterate no share dilution has or will happen with OWUV. In fact, our goal is to buy back shares frequently and often to reward those who continue to trust our company. As mentioned in December 2021, we completed our first share buyback of 5,000,000 shares. Since then, we have not diluted and recently tweeted we are in the process of doing another buyback. We have not disclosed this amount yet but will be looking forward to a press release in the near future stating the quantity and timeframe of the share buyback completion. This will not be our last share buyback, we will not dilute our stock, and we will never do a reverse split. Our goal is to lower the overall authorized shares to increase shareholder value and expedite the process of uplisting to OTCQB and NASDAQ.

Closing Comments

One World Universe Inc. revenues have steadily climbed since the beginning of 2022, and we look forward to giving updated financials soon. We are still working on the development of the OWUV crypto coin and hope to have a clearer timeline as this development edges closer. We are dedicated to bringing the most shareholder value as we can while continuing to expand and dive into new sectors. Be on the lookout for more press releases and tweets, as we will be using our twitter page more frequently to give quick updates. 

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About One World Universe, Inc.

One World Universe (OTC: OWUV) is a California corporation whose mission driven business is implementing global humanitarian efforts through the profits generated from the sales of products and services to improve people’s lives living in the harshest environments and their communities. Our company has contributed valuable resources such as access to (PPE) personal protective equipment, medications, vaccines, and educational support programs where play and basic necessities are essential.

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