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NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – September 28, 2021 – ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is a Mergers and Acquisitions company focused on acquiring and developing public safety technology-based companies across the globe. As part of the fulfilment of its strategy, ILUS is currently working on acquisitions in the US and Europe. The company can announce that it has officially agreed to terms for the purchase of a profitable US-based firefighting equipment distributor, which holds multiple exclusive distribution contracts for the sales and servicing of some of the world’s largest firefighting equipment brands, and has a current annual turnover of $3 million. 


The seller has requested that all employees are formally notified of the sale prior to the company being named and therefore ILUS will announce the company name and further important details such as the exclusively distributed product names and contracts in a follow up Press Release once all approvals are in place. 

During the 3rdquarter of 2021, ILUS has been working on the completion of 4 acquisitions in the United States, alongside that of additional acquisition targets in Europe and the Middle East. Whilst the US and European acquisitions remain close to completion, ILUS determined that it was a priority to enter the US market by acquiring an established distribution model for its existing products, combined with the existing distribution of industry leading fire and rescue products which are already in widespread use and in high demand across the US. With this strategy being the priority, ILUS focused on the completion of the distribution acquisition first in its line of upcoming acquisitions. 

ILUS is officially entering the US market by acquiring a leading US distributor of firefighting equipment as well as equipment for police and EMS personnel. The acquisition is a well-known industry name and has been operating for nearly 20 years. It holds numerous exclusive distribution contracts for its local state and neighbouring states as well as several nationwide distribution contracts. The company has exclusive distribution contracts in place for the world’s largest hydraulic rescue equipment brand, one of the world’s largest brands of rescue tools and rescue support equipment and for a global leader in turnout gear. 

Furthermore, the company’s nationwide distribution rights include but also extend well beyond the following: the world’s leading brands for firefighting nozzles and monitors along with leading global brands of breathing apparatus and safety equipment, firefighting pumps, HazMat equipment and wildland firefighting gear. The company has a strong online sales presence with business development currently led by its 6 member sales team, all of whom possess extensive relevant industry experience. In addition to its 6,000 square foot distribution warehouse, the company also has an equipment servicing division, 4 fully equipped demonstration vehicles and 2 mobile trailers. Immediate plans for the acquisition by ILUS include a new distribution warehouse which will be in the region of 15,000 square feet and include a larger showroom and vehicle yard. 

ILUS has spoken in previous press releases of its strategy for entering the US market, with the triple pronged objective of acquiring routes to market for its existing products, acquiring market knowledge and acquiring manufacturing capability. This acquisition is significant for ILUS in that it provides a well established and very successful route to market for existing FireBug products, and the company is home to a number of experienced industry experts in management and sales, who will provide valuable market knowledge for ILUS’ expansion into the US market. This acquisition will be FireBug’s exclusive distribution channel into the US market, meaning that all FireBug products will be demonstrated to fire authorities across the US through this channel and they will also be sold online, supported and serviced by experienced industry experts who are renowned for reliability and excellent customer service. 

Through upcoming acquisitions which are already underway in the US, some of the existing FireBug products such as the pumps and rapid response vehicles will be manufactured and/or assembled in the US for distribution through this acquisition. In addition to the distribution of FireBug products across the US, this acquisition is already well established for the sales, training and servicing of its existing product lines and presents an exciting opportunity for ILUS to obtain further exclusive distribution and OEM Partnerships for additional complimentary product lines, including numerous innovative products manufactured in Europe which are currently not available in the US. As an example, ILUS is currently in negotiations regarding an innovative and leading range of wildfire fighting equipment manufactured in Europe which is not available in the US. ILUS is also in the process of signing an exclusive OEM partnership agreement for a range of robotic firefighting monitors which are not available in the US and will be exclusively distributed through this acquisition. 

The US fire and rescue equipment industry is a multi billion dollar per year industry that is growing at nearly 10 percent annually due to increased urbanisation, despite nearly four-fifths of the US population already living in urban areas. In the US, road crashes are the leading cause of death for people aged 1 to 54, killing more than 38 000 people per year across the country. Road Crash Rescue and Technical Rescue equipment is used to assist fire fighters in retrieving people who may be trapped in a vehicle after an accident or who are trapped inside a building or structure. The equipment enables fire fighters to cut apart steel, push apart steel and/or provide physical support to areas at risk of collapse. The acquisition of exclusive distribution rights to equipment which has a direct impact on saving more lives from road accidents and in the event of tragedies and disasters fits perfectly with ILUS’ strategy for acquiring technology which saves lives and it puts ILUS in a stronger position to develop new innovative rescue equipment technologies.

John-Paul Backwell, Managing Director at ILUS had the following to say about the acquisition: “The number one driving force behind all we do at ILUS is to deliver innovative technology which protects more communities and saves more lives. We are already doing this with our firefighting technology which we have now acquired a successful US distribution channel for, and we have also wanted to expand into the rescue technology sector. We know this will give us the ability to improve existing rescue equipment technology and therefore play a leading role in preventing fatalities from road accidents and other tragic events or disasters, which we know are a constant and growing threat to life globally. We all know of families broken apart through road accident deaths or similar tragedies. I believe that ILUS has a huge role to play in improving the technology available to first responders and their ability to respond quicker to incidents where a matter of minutes or even seconds can dramatically alter the outcome for victims and their families. 

“This acquisition is far more than just numbers for us. It puts us in the ideal position to make a real world impact on life safety. Not only will we have an incredibly effective distribution channel for our existing firefighting equipment and vehicles, but we will also hold distribution of leading global rescue equipment brands with countless opportunities and avenues for expansion across the US and even globally. This acquisition is also already opening the door to further US and global acquisition opportunities and it is allowing us the opportunity to work with leaders in the US fire and rescue industry to gain further knowledge and to collaborate on new ideas for more innovative and disruptive technology.”

In addition to moving into a larger distribution facility, additional short term growth plans by ILUS for this acquisition include but are not limited to the opening of a distribution centre on the US West Coast, securing additional states for exclusive distribution of rescue equipment, employing additional sales resources, the hiring and training of a new General Manager for the business and the purchase of an additional demonstration vehicle which is required as a result of current demand. ILUS will also conduct a full marketing brand overhaul which will improve the company website’s online sales platform, its overall look and feel and its search engine optimisation. ILUS is convinced that this acquisition harbours extraordinary growth potential for its existing technology and for the distribution of new technologies. The company has a strong network of existing customers and contracts which will prove extremely valuable when it comes to rolling out existing ILUS products across the US. 

ILUS CEO, Nick Link, said the following: “We are excited to announce that the terms of the deal have been agreed for this acquisition. As we are purchasing a well-established distribution business, the strength of the many distribution contracts are vitally important and we have required that in order for this deal to complete, all distribution contracts must be renewed with the respective product manufacturers. This has been the main reason why we have delayed on announcing this deal, since all of the distribution contracts are with large global manufacturers. We are now at the finish line of this deal with terms having been officially agreed. It is now going through the final legal contract process which is in the hands of the attorneys and could take a couple of weeks. 

“We are incredibly excited about the massive overall value this acquisition will add to ILUS and its Shareholders. We look forward to providing a follow up PR with further details on this acquisition followed by further PR’s as we secure new avenues of growth for the acquisition. We will also be providing ongoing updates on the products and the many existing US customer references which the company has. This acquisition fits our strategy so perfectly and it will be the cornerstone of our expansion into the US. We would like to thank our shareholders in advance for your patience whilst the attorneys hammer out the formality of the final legal contracts. The additional US acquisitions are simultaneously underway thanks to our hardworking team, and they should fall in line smoothly following this highest priority acquisition. We are convinced that our strategy for the acquisition of existing US distribution and manufacturing capability, along with the existing revenue that these companies generate and their immense growth potential will prove incredibly successful for ILUS.” 

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