OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Updates on Fourth Quarter Progress and Upcoming Announcements

NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – November 29, 2021 –  ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) remains focused on its M&A strategy of acquiring and growing global technology companies. The company recently met with some valued shareholders at scheduled “meet ups” in New York and Las Vegas, where it provided an update on progress and upcoming plans, including up list plans. 


Following the announcement that the third quarter was ILUS’ strongest yet in terms of revenue achieved and acquisition progress, the company confirmed that it is firmly on track and hard at work to exceed its 2021 annual revenue target. In addition to 3 acquisitions closed in the first and second quarters of 2021, ILUS agreed and signed pre-contract agreements with 3 US companies in the third quarter, and confirmed that it is in the process of adding several very exciting acquisitions during the fourth quarter.  

ILUS recently agreed and signed pre-contract terms for the acquisition of a large group of four companies in the United Kingdom, and will announce the details of this acquisition once its attorneys give the green light to do so. Meanwhile, ILUS is in the process of negotiating multiple US acquisitions in various states, including Florida, California, Ohio, New York and Texas. The company is also assessing several more large mergers and acquisitions in the UK, Europe and Canada. 

At its Shareholder meet ups, ILUS announced that it is working on multiple large deals in Europe and the Middle East. One of these large deals, known by many as the “astronomical EU deal”, was confirmed by ILUS as being close to completion. The company confirmed that the first phase of this acquisition will involve the acquisition of the manufacturing facility for ILUS’ commercial electric utility vehicles (UTVs) which will be sold through dealers globally. The company clarified that the second, larger phase of the acquisition will be announced early in 2022. The acquisition forms part of a monumental government privatization deal where ILUS will take over the existing manufacturing facilities. The government is providing a substantial incentive to create and sustain jobs, with 1,500+ already employed at the manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, the deal will include manufacturing contracts, with the benefit to the government that their country will be known for the development, manufacture and global sale of innovative electric vehicles, firefighting vehicles, ambulances and military vehicles. ILUS confirmed that following a successful period of negotiations with the relevant government authorities, ILUS is the only company in the running to complete this deal and there is no remaining competition for it. The final administrative procedures are underway and ILUS is excited to announce the first phase of the deal soon. 

Recently, ILUS has made significant progress regarding the European Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) partnership that it has previously communicated. The company is now working on an exciting deal with the European company, which will mean that ILUS will have its own UAV technology for firefighting, rescue and other lucrative applications. The range of UAVs are currently capable of carrying up to 1,000 kg/2,204 lbs with a flight range of up to 200 km/124 miles. Performance figures for the entire range of UAVs, including maximum flight altitude and top speed, are “light years” ahead of any competition. The company also has existing contracts in place with specialized government agencies and international organizations that are household names. ILUS is working through administrative details with the UAV company and hopes to announce details of the very exciting deal in due course. 

ILUS Managing Director, John-Paul Backwell, commented: “Our current round of US and UK acquisitions will strengthen our existing capability, speed up our expansion and potentially triple our existing annual revenue projections for 2022. The EU deal and numerous other deals far outweigh the US and UK acquisitions and will add significant value to ILUS’ manufacturing and distribution capability, product offering, and valuation as the company prepares for up listing to NASDAQ. We are now also assessing and working on several acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures in the software technology arena, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR). These software solutions will transform the Emergency Response industry and we look forward to announcing our first deal in this space very soon. We have ramped up our progress in the last quarter and as a result, we will be making a number of game-changing announcements over the coming weeks and months.”

In response to recent speculation about ILUS going the Spin Off route in order to up list to NASDAQ, the company shed light on its plans during its recent Shareholder Meet Ups. The videos shown which summarize what was discussed are available on the ILUS YouTube Channel, (and can be found at the links towards the end of this Press Release). The company announced that ILUS International is currently acquiring, improving and growing Public Safety companies which each have disruptive technology and a unified purpose within their particular sector. These companies are currently grouped within ILUS and the company is constantly adding multiple strategic acquisitions to compliment each group’s capability, expansion and valuation. 

ILUS confirmed that it is building a conglomerate, made up of four groups of companies, although this will be expanded to five or more groups in the future. The company discussed the possibility that each of these groups, which are currently at various stages of maturity, would have the potential to spin off and up list to NASDAQ. In this scenario, ILUS itself would hold a significant stake in each of the spin off companies which up list, thus drastically increasing the ILUS Balance Sheet and ultimately adding significant Shareholder value. Whilst this develops, ILUS would continue to acquire, incubate and raise valuable assets which would strategically slot into the relevant groups of companies for future NASDAQ up listing. The process would repeat itself continuously, with ILUS simultaneously growing in value and its Shareholders benefitting accordingly. Through this process, it is highly likely that through organic growth and the subsequent increase in share price, ILUS itself would have the opportunity to up list to NASDAQ. 

ILUS confirmed that it is currently in discussions with multiple companies which have revenues of over $100 million. The company mentioned that it is looking to make a very large acquisition, usually with revenues in the region of $100 million or more, with each up listing. ILUS clarified that it is already in negotiations with suitable options, some of which are global multinational companies. The company stated that it plans to go to NASDAQ with significant strength and certainly not as a “small fish in a big pond.” In line with what has been mentioned previously, ILUS is working on an impressive timeline for the first up listing and it believes that the short timeframe from when the details of the first up listing are announced through to completion will be surprising for Shareholders and interested parties. 

ILUS CEO, Nick Link, commented: “Our NASDAQ up listing plans are already well underway and have been for some time now. We have a team of attorneys and experts with a successful track record who are working on it. We felt it would be best to deliver on the first stages of our acquisition strategy before gradually discussing more regarding our up listing progress. Ultimately, we will present the full plan to our Shareholders at our Annual Shareholders Meeting in January next year, but for now, we wanted to communicate that we have a clear plan which is already in progress and we are working with a team of experts to execute the plan. Neither we, nor the team we are working with have a history of failure and we are confident in our plan and that it will hugely benefit every ILUS Shareholder and the industries that we serve. We will soon announce the bank that we are working with for our first IPO and we will also be announcing very important and strategic announcements to our Board of Directors. Our focus is on delivery and when we put something out in the public domain, it’s because we are 100% confident that we will deliver.” 

ILUS discussed how it is structuring its group of companies, with each group serving a specific industry and containing strategically aligned companies. Building on its previously communicated triple pronged acquisition strategy of acquiring manufacturing capability, routes to market and significant technological advancements, ILUS has already acquired and is in the process of acquiring several companies in the Emergency Response Technology sector. This sector primarily involves the manufacture, supply and support of equipment, vehicles, specialized technology and software for use by first responders and the organizations that support them. In this sector, ILUS has already acquired FireBug, which manufactures innovative and patented firefighting equipment and vehicles. Adding to this, the company has agreed and signed pre-contract terms with Precision Powered Products in Texas, Bullhead Products in Kodak, Tennessee and a significant firefighting equipment distributor in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The soon to be announced UK acquisition, multiple distribution acquisitions and technology advancement acquisitions which are currently in progress, will all form part of this Emergency Response Technology group of companies within ILUS. This group has been growing rapidly within ILUS and is delivering in terms of revenue, therefore it has the earliest potential for spin off and up listing to NASDAQ, in conjunction with the aforementioned $ 100m+ revenue acquisition/s which ILUS is already in discussions with. It is important to note that ILUS is adding and will continue to add advanced technology to each group and this will include disruptive software with Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearable technology and IoT technology which will improve efficiencies and emergency response times and most importantly, make first responders safer whilst enabling them to save more lives. 

Simultaneously, ILUS has also been building a Life Safety Systems group of companies which includes innovative technology in the Fixed Firefighting Systems sector (for electric vehicles, kitchens, transformers, mining etc.) and in the Fire Protection sector (fire detection and alarm systems, extinguishing systems, smoke extraction and evacuation systems, health and safety technology etc.). In this space, ILUS has already acquired BCD Fire in the Middle East, a company which has recently been awarded a number of significant contracts and now employs over 60 staff. ILUS is in the process of finalizing its first of many US acquisitions for this group in the state of Florida – a company which holds significant contracts in the Orlando area and also with international Hotel and Restaurant chains. ILUS is also assessing impressive acquisition opportunities in the UK for this group and has had early stage conversations with a global acquisition opportunity which would form part of an eventual up listing, should this be the process that ILUS chooses to follow. 

ILUS also owns and produces a commercial electric utility vehicle (E-UTV), known as the E-Raptor. This vehicle already leads the E-UTV sector in terms of performance, range and load carrying capability and ILUS is already expanding the range to include several variations of the current vehicle. Having gained experience and achieved relative success in this space, ILUS is building a third group of companies in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technology sector. ILUS will soon be bringing a very significant asset into this group, which it plans to potentially announce before the end of this year. In addition, the company is assessing a number of mergers and acquisitions in the Electric Vehicle (EV), Solar Energy and Renewable Energy sectors. Some of the discussions taking place involve companies that are poised for exponential growth on the global stage with technology that will completely transform the energy sector. 

ILUS would benefit from being able to leverage and cross pollinate technologies, skills, intellectual property and much more across all the groups of companies. For example, electric vehicles will be manufactured at an ILUS factory in Europe, assembled at an ILUS factory in the US and distributed through an ILUS distributor in the US for use by fire brigades as a rapid response vehicle with firefighting capability designed by FireBug. This is one of many examples. 

Nick Link, CEO of ILUS, concluded with the following: “We aim to become a global conglomerate like Berkshire Hathaway for example, with the only difference being that we plan to truly modernize, disrupt and dominate every industry we step into, always remembering that we wish to benefit the communities, families and individuals that are affected by our technology. In all of this, we are focused on deals which benefit our Shareholders and give them the best possible outcome from every scenario we are presented with. I am confident that we are moving in the direction that will deliver both maximum growth and maximum Shareholder value. We look forward to making a number of very exciting announcements over the coming weeks and months that will lead to, amongst other things, exponential growth, increased effectiveness and delivery of our technology to those who need it most, and our first up listing. It is an exciting time but we are keeping our heads down and focused on delivery. As always, we wish to thank our ILUS Family of Shareholders for your ongoing support.”

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·      ILUS CEO NASDAQ Up Listing Plans Update: https://youtu.be/aFpTe6qGdL0

·      ILUS Shareholder Meet Up video – Acquisitions, Performance and Up Listing: https://youtu.be/JXwCLqhltfA

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