OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Updates Shareholders on Its Acquisition Strategy, Deals and NASDAQ Up List Plans

NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – November 2, 2021 – ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is a Mergers and Acquisitions company focused on acquiring and developing public safety technology-based companies across the globe. The company has been in the process of successfully completing multiple acquisitions in 2021, whilst also working on multiple large deals which all form part of the company’s NASDAQ up list plans. ILUS recently completed a Shareholder Questions and Answers video and an Update video where the company’s Managing Director, John-Paul Backwell, answered important Shareholder questions and gave an update on year-to-date performance, deal progress, strategy, and upcoming plans. 


Links to both videos are available here: 

·      ILUS Second Q&A, 10/28/2021: https://youtu.be/wcwL0vWg5mM

·      ILUS Update and Roadmap Highlights: https://youtu.be/BgpvBmVB8U8


ILUS updated on its 2021 performance which includes the signing of precontract agreements for 3 US acquisitions which will add a further $12 million in annual revenue to the company. The US acquisitions, when completed, will mean that the company will have acquired 6 companies in 2021 and ILUS confirmed that it has multiple acquisitions in the pipeline, as it looks to close out 2021 strongly and carry a great deal of momentum into the new year. 


ILUS has begun the process of shipping equipment and vehicles like its E-Raptor electric UTV, plastic welding machinery and raw materials over to the US so that its acquisitions can prepare for the manufacture of ILUS technology in the United States. The company also confirmed that the third quarter of 2021 has been its strongest quarter yet, with revenues of more than $3 million, and actual sales were closer to $4 million, with additional orders coming in during the quarter that were not possible to invoice in time due to shipping delays. 


ILUS confirmed Bull Head Products, which ILUS has recently signed a precontract agreement with, and BCD Fire are both working on large orders. BCD Fire was recently awarded the second phase of the BURJ 2020 contract which is an additional $1 million contract following the previous contracts it received. ILUS has been upscaling the labour force of BCD Fire and the acquisition is now targeting several large contracts in the region. Simultaneously, Bull Head Products is in a strong position to win a $1.1 million contract in Mississippi, with the prospect of long-term ongoing vehicle contracts with the customer which is a prominent global company.  


ILUS has continued to expand its workforce and in addition to several recent hires in the engineering, production, and operations departments, it has employed a salesperson for its virtual reality fire extinguisher and first response training, which is being launched in Dubai, before being expanded into global markets. ILUS’ partnerships with TakeLeap and Milanion are continuing to develop, with the virtual reality training being a result of the TakeLeap partnership and the ILUS R&D team is currently conducting autonomous fire vehicle testing in conjunction with Milanion for a customer requirement. 


ILUS is now beginning a partnership with a prominent New York based first response software company that has ground-breaking emergency responder notification and monitoring software.  The company’s revolutionary technology goes beyond rapid response and provides the opportunity for immediate response to be possible for first responders. ILUS will be entering into a unique and exclusive partnership with this company and expects to generate significant revenue from the sales of its disruptive technology that is predicted to transform the emergency response industry. 


Nick Link, ILUS CEO, is currently in Europe working on the astronomical European deal which ILUS confirmed will take place in two parts as follows: the first part of the deal, which ILUS hopes to complete this year, although it could run into the first quarter of 2022 due to holiday festivities, will involve manufacture of the E-Raptor range of commercial electric utility vehicles and smaller rapid response fire vehicles. The second, astronomical part of the deal will involve larger fire vehicles, military vehicles and associated large manufacturing contracts. This second phase should take place early 2022. ILUS clarified that the EU acquisition is a privatization deal which involves taking over the manufacturing plants, its operations and 1,500 staff. The manufacturing plant supplies several countries across Europe and globally, including key regions which ILUS plans to break into.


ILUS has been working on a significant UK acquisition as part of the next phase of its acquisition strategy. The UK acquisition is for a group of four companies which are incredibly well aligned with the ILUS strategy. The targeted acquisition supplies multiple ILUS competitors in the UK and Europe; it is a well-structured and operated company with annual revenues of approximately $10 million. ILUS is also intending to complete an acquisition in Florida for a fixed firefighting systems business with significant Orlando-based customer contracts in place.  


ILUS confirmed that it remains focused on up listing to NASDAQ and is therefore acquiring the highest quality assets into the company. ILUS’ goal is to become a conglomerate, a large multi-industry and multinational company operating multiple business entities under one corporate group. To make this a reality, ILUS aims to acquire multiple firefighting equipment companies like FireBug, fixed firefighting systems companies like BCD Fire, as well as other associated and complimentary manufacturers and distributors, such as those which it has already been acquiring. Beyond this, ILUS plans to acquire multiple renewable and sustainable energy companies to build on efforts with existing E-Raptor electric vehicles, with its own vision on electric vehicles to form part of a group as well. 


ILUS’ first phase of acquisitions in the US has been to acquire manufacturing capability, market knowledge and foundational routes to market for its existing technology. This phase is being completed, allowing the company to move into phase two, which is to acquire multiple distributors of firefighting equipment products which will extend ILUS’ reach using existing technology and much more. This is how ILUS plans to dominate the US market for the sale of firefighting equipment, sell more existing innovative and disruptive technology and have a wide-open highway for the introduction of new technologies such as autonomous firefighting, new wildfire solutions and much faster emergency response solutions, all of which the company believes will ultimately save more lives. 


ILUS is simultaneously looking to partner with and acquire multiple IoT and software technologies that complement current acquisitions and ongoing strategy in the emergency response space. ILUS believes that firefighting and rescue equipment is vital, but it is only as good as the organization, notification, communication, and wearable technology solutions that go with it. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and their associated financial model with recurring revenue is integral to ILUS’ growth and future plans. ILUS is also aware that these SaaS companies also achieve much higher valuation than standalone manufacturing companies. 


Recently, ILUS started due diligence on a company which has annual revenues in excess of $100 million and this forms part of ILUS’ NASDAQ up list plans. As part of these plans, ILUS will be acquiring a significant global firefighting equipment company, which has the aforementioned revenue and products which are a household name in the global firefighting industry. This would be complemented by the company’s growing distribution network with the numerous acquisitions and other manufacturing businesses being acquired. ILUS then aims to repeat this process with a large global fixed firefighting system company. The company confirmed that it will present its full roadmap and NASDAQ up list plans in much clearer detail at the ILUS Annual Shareholder’s Meeting on the 28thof January 2022. Between now and then, ILUS will be completing numerous acquisitions and releasing further exciting announcements. 


ILUS is dedicated to growing its team and partnering with the right firms with the right skills to maximize its success. A full-time acquisition broker is working with ILUS to target, initiate and close multiple acquisitions. ILUS is also talking to potential members for its Board of Directors for the NASDAQ company. The company’s NASDAQ board will include individuals who have taken companies to NASDAQ along the route ILUS is currently following. It will also include members who are experienced, successful, and influential at the highest levels within the firefighting industry. As it prepares for its up listing, ILUS also confirmed that its beginning to advertise for several C-Level positions including a CFO, in-house SEC attorney and more vital board level positions.  


In closing, ILUS Managing Director, John-Paul Backwell, commented: “ILUS remains focused on the growth of a long term and sustainable company which continuously adds shareholder value. All business decisions are made whilst prioritizing aggressive growth and optimal value for our Shareholder Family. November is an exciting month for ILUS as we continue with multiple acquisitions, large deals, and significant partnerships. We will then file our strong 3rdquarter results a few days before meeting many of our Shareholders in New York and Las Vegas, which we are excited about. There is plenty more to come from ILUS in the fourth quarter and as we head towards our first Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.”


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