OTC:DRCR, Deer Cashmere Holding Co aka SWIFTY GLOBAL, Swifty Predictions Enters Product Testing Stage

NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – September 30, 2021 – Deer Cashmere Holding Company (OTC: DRCR) aka Swifty Global, is preparing to launch its patent applied revolutionary swipe betting sports prediction app powered by the game changing Swifty Digital Wallet. Swifty Predictions has successfully completed performance and security testing of the platform. 


Swifty Global is preparing to launch its patent applied Sports Prediction App in the fall. It’s a game-changing app for users to engage in live sports and eventually reality television.  The application works by using its own proprietary AI to present users with betting (Prediction) cards individualised to the user’s personalized preferences, allowing the user to select a pre-defined amount i.e. between $1 and $25 and swipe right to bet or left to skip the bet. 

The App will continue to present the user with bet possibilities continuously based on their preferences, allowing a user to place high frequency low nominal value predictions (bets) in a fun and engaging way on almost all international major sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Formula 1, European Football (Soccer), Golf, Rugby & Cricket and many more.  Beyond Sports which includes pre-match and in play LIVE sports, Swifty intends to integrate predictions on reality TV shows and lifestyle predictions where users will be able to make predictions about outcomes on shows such as Love Island, X Factor and many more. Such bets may include whether a couple will get together on Love Island or whether a singer will get to the next stage on a singing show or will a singer get 4 ‘yes’ votes.  Swifty Predictions aims to capture a completely new betting audience. 

Swifty’s sophisticated built-in artificial intelligence (AI) allows the app to present relevant prediction and possibilities to the user. A typical sequence of prediction cards (bet possibilities) for a Dallas Cowboys supporter during an NFL game might be: Dallas Cowboys to win, Gallap to score the first touchdown, Dallas Cowboys to get a penalty in the first quarter, Dalton to make a pass over 10 yards in the next 15 minutes, Elliot to have a rushing play over 20 yards in the second half.  For a boxing supporter, the predictions might be: Wilder to make 3 head punches in round 1,  Wilder to knock out Fury in round 2, Wilder to win rounds 5 & 6, Fury to be knocked down in Round 1-3.  Swifty Predictions provides dynamic, real time bets that a user can place in split seconds with our swipe interface. With Swifty’s artificial intelligence and machine learning, users will be presented with the right bets at the right time, removing the need to search for bets and opportunities on various apps and websites. 

Swifty Predictions intends to develop NFT sports player cards that can be purchased and traded over the Swifty Wallet. The NFTs would be issued as a reward and loyalty scheme for users of the Swifty Predictions app. NFTs are digital collectibles in which the first quarter of 2021 saw a total amount of 2bn in NFT sales.

The Swifty Predictions app is tightly integrated with the Swifty Wallet; the wallet technology lays the foundation and backbone for all future Swifty apps and features. The cross platform digital wallet allows users to store, purchase and swap between crypto currencies in a streamlined manner and acts as the payment gateway for all applications inside and outside of the Swifty ecosystem. 

The Swifty Predictions patent applied technology has been built from the ground up by the Swifty in-house development team and has been going through vigorous testing and integration with the IOS and Android apps. The company has already started to integrate the data feed from a world-renowned odds and risk management company. There will be more official news on the data provider in the coming weeks once we have successfully completed the integration and testing of the first sports feed. 

Swifty Predictions is currently going through vigorous internal testing; this includes system integration testing, product testing, security, performance and stress testing of the platform and apps. Swifty will be conducting a short public beta testing of the Swifty Predictions app once internal testing has been completed. We will give the public a chance to be a part of the beta testing and will be sending out communication through our social channels in the coming weeks.  

Swifty has applied for gambling licenses in Curaçao, UK and several states in the USA. The company is expecting to have the Curaçao license granted within the next few weeks, which covers majority of the world and will allow us to actively market in the EU and Africa. Swifty has already started the process to acquire gambling licenses in several states of the USA with the vision to eventually covering the entire USA as the new Federal gambling act comes into force. 

Once the licenses are approved, Swifty will roll out a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign to engage potential customers. The company is aiming at disrupting the gambling market by introducing a new category within the sector called “predictions”, which is expected to add to the already existing 203 billion dollar sports betting industry. The app is designed to allow users to quickly place multiple micro bets, enhancing the engagement and increasing the excitement. Swifty provides the ability to profit across multiple dynamic predictions in real time compared to the typical conventional betting where a user might place a few larger bets well in advance of a game which provides little or no engagement and is only fun if the user wins. 

The company is in the process of completing the company audits and Form 10 to become fully reporting on the OTC. The Form 10 is required to be completed in order to change the OTC company name from Deer Cashmere holding to Swifty Global.  

SWIFTY CEO James Gibbons commented: “We have very high expectations for the predictions app; the team have been working around the clock to make sure we are ready to launch once we have received the first gambling license. Our market research tells us that the Predictions app is filling a segment in the market which is not presently serviced and we are very excited to be the first! The app is suited to almost all modern millennials who engage their daily life using their mobile phones and many of which enjoy betting, whether it’s on stocks, crypto or sports. Swifty intends on executing a huge marketing awareness campaign once the product is live across the major markets and we expect a large uptake with viral marketing.” 

The company expects to release more frequent news and PR releases now that the products are getting close to release. We invite you to follow us on Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn for regular real time updates. 

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