Snakes & Lattes Inc. Announces the Upcoming Subscription and VIP Experience Packages

Toronto, ON – (NewMediaWire) – January 27, 2022 – Snakes & Lattes Inc. (OTC: FUNN) is pleased to announce the launch of our Snakes & Lattes subscription and Snakes VIP experience packages.

Snakes & Lattes is very enthusiastic to bring the official Snakes & Lattes subscription program to all our locations. The subscription model has proved to be quite successful across many industries as a great source of recurring revenue. We have been designing, modeling, and developing this program for some time, and are excited it is finally time to start rolling it out!

The current operational plan is the pilot subscription model in our Toronto cafes and will quickly bring in the rest of the locations over time. Monthly and discounted annual subscriptions will be available. Pricing is still under review. Specifics on the launch date, how and where to sign up and pricing will be communicated after final review and approval. The intention is to pilot launch prior to the end of Fiscal Year Q3. After, we will roll-out the program to the rest of the locations and make it a standard inclusion with new openings before the end of the fiscal year.

“The concept around the subscription program is to reward our loyal customers as well as provide continuous fresh and new gaming options outside our cafes. Gaming enthusiasts can look forward to a host of benefits to add fun and value to their beloved hobby,” said Snakes & Lattes founder Ben Castanie.

With a monthly subscription, customers will receive a number of additional benefits for their gaming experience. As the program rolls out over time, we will look for new ways to improve the program to make it one of the best values found in any subscription model.

Subscription benefits include:

  • Standard gaming fee is waived at all locations. Game away every day for free!

  • A personalized birthday gift.

  • A discount on all retail items.

  • Priority booking for their attending party.

  • Access to ‘Ask a guru’ calls, so no more arguing about rules!

  • A welcome complimentary drink or appetizer.

  • Access to a dedicated Snakes & Lattes Facebook (Meta) group.

  • This provides a channel to actively participate in improving the Snakes & Lattes experience. Give ideas, compliments, and constructive feedback. We value what our customers have to say!

  • Priority for reserving games for their visit.

  • Locations will have special subscribers’ days with extra rewards and/or discounts.

  • Access to behind-the-scenes Snakes & Lattes videos.

  • Extra rewards and prizes for various categories:

  • Most loyal customer

  • Most played Games

  • Most referrals

  • Most reviews and feedback

  • Additional rewards for introducing S & L events to a new company.

  • Receive a discount on the upcoming Snakes VIP experience packages.

On top of all other benefits, early access to our Snakes & Lattes monthly box program. Each month we will curate and send each subscriber a fresh bevy of board games around themes that are tailored to the individual. When you sign up for the optional Snakes & Lattes box program, you’ll complete a profile about your gaming activity preferences that will allow us to provide you with appropriate items suited to your tastes. Subscribers will be able to bundle the Snakes Box program at a discount. More details to come as we fine tune the launch of this Service. 

The subscription program makes a great gift for anyone who loves board gaming! Another exciting item launching soon to coincide with the subscription experience is the Snakes VIP experience. There will be two offerings at launch: the Date Night Snakes VIP package and the Board Game & Snakes; Beer with Friends VIP package. These packages are meant to bring something extra special to customers; provide an enchanted or elevated gaming session that is beyond anything one would expect from a Board Game Bar.

“Imagine having a dedicated bartender who works with you and your date. Help you create a signature cocktail tailored to your unique tastes. A Game Master who will teach you some games that are perfect for two people. What a great way to celebrate an anniversary or milestone birthday or even a first date! We aim to offer an experience offered nowhere else in the industry,” said Castanie.

Specifics on the packages and pricing will be communicated post final review and approval. The intention is to launch in our Toronto locations by mid-February after reopening and roll out to all locations prior to the end of the fiscal year. 

Further communications and details will occur near launch date for both projects. With both the Subscription model and Snakes VIP package, we aim to bring Snakes & Lattes to a new level for our customers and maintain the bar as a leader in the board game café industry. See you at Snakes & Lattes!

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