TulsaLabs Launches Aerospace Division for Commercial and Military Projects

Tulsa, OK – (NewMediaWire) – November 19, 2021 – AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, announced the formation of Tulsalabs aerospace division focused on commercial and military projects.

TulsaLabs announces the launch of its aviation division to develop and assist start-ups in the aerospace industry to set-up operations in Oklahoma.

The aerospace division will be focused on:

  • Assist startups of advanced technologies such as additive technologies, batteries, electric propulsion, commercial space, unmanned systems.

  • Work with academic and university-led organizations to develop aerospace and defense industry applications of the future.

  • Develop testing facility and research business center focused on commercial and military aerospace and space technologies.

Oklahoma’s Aerospace and Defense Industry

Oklahoma boasts a robust legacy in space, aviation and defense. For over 70 years, the state has played host to what are now some of the largest military and commercial aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) centers in the world.

Aerospace and defense are the second largest and fastest-growing industry sectors in Oklahoma. Oklahoma ACES program, led by the Oklahoma Aerospace & Defense Team, provides resources dedicated to developing and growing the state’s aerospace industry.

Oklahoma hosts more than 1,100 aerospace entities operating in the state including manufacturers, MRO, research and development, military and others.

12 of Oklahoma’s colleges and universities have aerospace programs.

TulsaLabs recently announced an agreement with Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc. to explore the development of next-generation transportation technologies such as advanced aerial mobility, electric powered aircraft, EVTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), and personalized Jetpacks.


The Company recently signed an agreement with Renavotio, Inc., an infrastructure investment company, to explore opportunities including 5G, utility construction, smart city development, Internet of Things (IoT), drone technology, and aerospace related industries, such as new transportation hubs, a business research center, and testing facility.

Space Research – DeepSkyOne

TulsaLabs will also collaborate with AI Venturetech, and their DeepSkyOne project, to develop space related projects, including future low Earth orbit missions to monitor climate change.

DeepSkyOne is an aerospace and space technology research lab located in New York City that explores technologies for the space industry from supply-chains, data analysis, CubeSat development, and edge computing applications. If you are an aerospace startup please register at https://deepskyone.com/

For updates on this project please register at https://tulsalabs.io/investors/


Are you a space technology start-up interested in partnering with us? Reach out to us to learn how you can access our startup ecosystem of corporate and investment partners.  https://tulsalabs.io/contact/  


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