Vaccine from Soligenix Could Accelerate Global Recovery from Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Demonstrates Broad Neutralizing Antibody Response Against Beta, Gamma and Delta Variants

New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – October 07, 2021 – PCG Digital — Shipping and administering Covid-19 vaccines that need to be stored at sub-zero temperatures is hampering the pandemic recovery efforts of health professionals around the world. Soligenix, Inc (SNGX), a US-based late-stage biopharmaceutical company, is developing a solution to that problem. The Company hit another key milestone this week with its heat-stable vaccine program, CiVax™.

On Sept 28, Soligenix announced efficacy test results of CiVax™ on non-human primates. CiVax™ demonstrated durable broad-spectrum neutralizing antibody responses against not just the original Covid-19 strain, but also against the Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants. 

This immunogenicity study is pre-clinical, so there are still several steps before CiVax™ can be implemented as a global vaccine option; however, the proof of concept shows potential for helping accelerate recovery from the pandemic. Current vaccines have slowed the spread, but variant infections are outpacing vaccination efforts. With the experts suggesting Covid-19 might be here to stay, we need better solutions. Soligenix is delivering on that.

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ThermoVax® Technology Could Be Our Best Defense Against Filoviruses

Soligenix’s heat stabilization technology, ThermoVax®, is also showing promising results with other protein subunit vaccines. The most advanced are monovalent, bivalent, and trivalent formulations that target filovirus infections, including Zaire and Sudan ebolavirus, and Marburg marburgvirus

Exposure to a worldwide coronavirus pandemic has made all of us wonder what comes next. Filoviruses, though not as widespread as the current Covid-19 strain we’re facing, are highly lethal and are considered a major threat by the world’s medical community. The Soligenix research and development team is working hard to deliver a solution before filoviruses become a widespread problem. 

Today, only one vaccine has been FDA-approved for Zaire ebolavirus. It is not heat-stabilized and needs to be shipped and stored at temperatures of -76° Fahrenheit. The logistics of doing that in remote areas where Ebola outbreaks have occurred are one of the chief reasons the disease has been so difficult to control. ThermoVax® technology can change that. 

Vaccines that remain stable at ambient temperatures can be shipped and reconstituted anywhere in the world. ThermoVax® has the potential to eliminate the challenging logistics that have made global vaccination for Covid-19 difficult, making mass distribution more viable. The current pandemic could be better controlled and the world would be better prepared for the next one.     

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