Cavitation Technologies, Inc. Provides a Corporate Update

Chatsworth, CA – (NewMediaWire) – February 02, 2022 – Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CVAT), a leading Nano-technology fluids processing company, is pleased to provide a corporate update regarding its recent developments.

With growth in all areas of our business, Cavitation Technologies, Inc. is well positioned for the future. Our stable performance despite challenging times continues and we remain on track to achieve our 2022 targets. We are dedicated to growing but also aim to preserve the current share structure for our loyal shareholders.

Below are the highlights of our major developments that we are currently working on:

·        Permian Basin/Nano Reactors – We are currently working with accredited investors to raise 5 million dollars in a non-dilutive financing, which means we are not planning to give up any equity or ownership of Cavitation Technologies shares.  By doing so we wish to expand our footprint without affecting current and long-time shareholders of the company.

·        Barmuze – We have been diligently working on a partnership that should elevate the current market for Barmuze.  Barmuze is a consumer tabletop home appliance created based on our patented Clarification Technology that transforms impurities & harshness typically found in alcohol thus mitigating ill effects of hangovers, while enhancing the flavor & experience. In the coming weeks we aim to close this deal and are very excited to share this news with the market once the partnership is finalized.

·        Expansion – We are getting closer to finalizing our grants program with the South African government along with the University of Cape Town. We are working diligently in Southern California to provide viable solutions for treatment and remediation of produced water for the agriculture. Our commitment is to help ensure a clean and safe environment now and for generations to come. We stay at the forefront of technology and aim to expand our global footprint even further.

Cavitation Technologies uses years of advanced research and the latest developments in nanotechnology to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and toxins in fluids. Our competitive cost in water remediation puts us in the front row when it comes to competition.

With our robust patent portfolio and a strong management team we believe we have positioned ourselves in a great spot and have started 2022 on a right foot. This should be a year of expansion and putting our technology in the forefront of businesses that need it. With timely execution of deals we believe the future is brighter than ever for the Company and its shareholders.

About Cavitation Technologies, Inc

Founded in 2007, the company designs and manufactures innovative flow-through devices and systems, as well as develops processing technologies for use in edible oil refining, renewable fuel production, water treatment, and alcoholic beverage enhancement. The company’s patented Nano Reactor® systems and various technologies have over 48 patents issued and filed both domestically and abroad.

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