DogeLabs to Update Dogecoin Node to Reflect Newly Released Version 1.14.5

Tulsa, OK – (NewMediaWire) – November 09, 2021 – AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, announces updates on Doge projects, and plans to update to Dogecoin Core 1.14.5.

Dogecoin Foundation released their much-awaited update of Dogecoin Core 1.14.5 on their Github repository.

The most noteworthy change in core version 1.14.5 is the transaction fee reduction.

Fee Reductions

– The recommended minimum transaction fee is 0.01 DOGE/kb, and

– The recommended dust limit is 1 DOGE, and

– The recommended RBF increment is 0.001 DOGE

Tom Bustamante, Founder of DogeLabs, commented, “With the new core wallet’s block inclusion fee set at 0.01 DOGE/kb this could set the stage in making Dogecoin more readily accepted as a payment option. This has been a much needed and exciting update to the Dogecoin network and should position further application development from this point forward. DogeLabs sends its congratulations to the Dogecoin Foundation and all the developers across the globe working hard to improve the Dogecoin project.”

Security Updates

– Remote Code Execution in Dogecoin QT (CVE-2021-3401)

– Sensitive Information Exposure on Unix platforms (CVE-2019-15947)

Other changes

– Updated Berkely DB to 5.3 and OpenSSL to 1.0.2u.

– Updated the HD wallet derivation path to be compliant with SLIP44

– Updated the FreeBSD build

– Added a getting started guide (

DogeLabs will now be updating its full node from 1.14.4 to new 1.14.5 version.

Dogecoin App Payments

The company continues to explore potential integration of Dogecoin with our recent partner as a possible payment feature to allow individuals and companies to accept Dogecoin as payment for goods and services.

Dogecoin Mining

The company has received the first Scrypt ASIC miner rigs, which are now being configured for operation by the team in the coming days. The goal is to configure these first initial rigs, and then scale up rapidly into the end of the fourth quarter.

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DogeLabs is a blockchain research lab and startup accelerator located in New York City and Tulsa, OK, focused on developing commercial applications around the Doge protocol.


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