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Beverly Hills, California – (NewMediaWire) – December 15, 2021 – R-Three Technologies, Inc. (OTC Symbol RRRT): R3T is pleased to announce that Dr. Hamid Alizadeh and Dr. David M. Snipper agreed to join the R3T Advisory Board.  The addition of the doctors to the advisory board strengthens the company’s health and wellness offerings. 

Dr. Alizadeh was an ER specialist and MD for 10 years before he gave up his practice to move into the world of finance.  As an ER specialist, he treated patients from all walks of life. When he treated his patients he not only wanted to get rid of their current malady but wanted to look and see what else he could do to prolong their lives.  This was the genesis of his interest in overall wellness.  When he retired from medicine to pursue a career in finance many thought that was a risky move.  His background in medicine coupled with his bedside manner allowed him to quickly attract clients so that he could create healthy long-term portfolios indexed to market and married with an insurance wrapper.  As a wealth manager, he now manages over 1000 clients and has trained and supervised a number of referring agents.   He currently has $50 million in assets under management.  It is expected that Dr. Alizadeh will be able to utilize his expertise in wellness to further advance the development of beverage and wellness products coming out of the beverage division.  He loves team building and understands the financial markets.

“The people on this team are top-notch,” said Dr. Hamid Alizadeh.  “Having a chance to interact with both Keith Hasting a former VP of Wells Fargo who shares my background and Peter Van Brunt J.D. showed me how in synch we are as a team.  The two board additions of Bruce and David Langer are major wins for us.  There is no reason why we can’t become a powerhouse in the wellness industry with this depth of talent. My vision for future offerings is a healthy drink that prolongs life and is not filled with sugar and caffeine like most drinks.  I look forward to contributing where I can.”

Dr. David M. Snipper started his career as an anesthesiologist who graduated from the University of San Diego School of Medicine and completed his residency at UC Irvine Medical Center. He remained on staff in a teaching position as Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of the Pain Management Program. In that role, he also published several research articles relating to the multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of complex pain disorders. He moved to Las Vegas to run a private practice of anesthesiology and ultimately became a partner at the largest group in Nevada.  During his tenure, he served as medical director of several surgery centers.  After a decade of practice, he became disenfranchised with the big pharm approach to healing and started studying herbal medicine and holistic healing.  This path eventually led him to form a company called Global Green Sciences, whose mission statement was to advance healthcare by taking a new approach.  New and old medicine would combine and then be practiced using compassion with respect to science and technology. He currently manages 2 clinics in Las Vegas.

“I have to thank Lance for bringing me on board to join this team of industrious individuals,” said Dr. David Snipper. “I am honored and ready to use my unique skill set to help in any way that I can to move our projects along.  At my core, I am a healer that wants to find cures and not just treat symptoms.  I am excited to be here because I believe R3T is a great platform for me to leverage the number of people that can be touched by my experience in the field.” 

“The team is really coming together,” said Stan Kolaric, CEO of R3T.  “These recent adds to our advisory board should help us round out our upcoming product offerings this year and develop our next generation of products.  The true measure of a team is how they work in unison.  When we work together it’s not like we can finish each other’s sentences but we all have different points of view that can all see the primary vision clearly.  We have a couple more people to announce, but our roster is definitely looking up.”    

Stan Kolaric

President CEO

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